Thursday, May 08, 2014

91 B = a pseudo monsoon depression

As pointed out by Shri Rajesh, Vagaries author, the 91B has traversed along 77 Deg Longitude from Comrin Sea.  it was evident from the copious rainfall reported along (& across too) and off  this longitude viz Servalar, Papanasam when the system"s centre lay centered close to this place

To day [08 May 2014 /12Z] it is along 13 Deg latitide and along 75 Deg Longitude i.e south of SIK. Heavy to very heavy may be expected CK.

This is one way of dragging SWM or paving way for earlier SWM.

Is it also a monsoon depression in disguise or pseudo monsoon depression.

Veteran meteorologist including Rajesh {rakesh also) may think on these lines. 

RT @sanjeevnaique: Heavy rain with lightning is hitting #Margao in #Goa. Temperature  came down to super cool. @naikap (8:08pm)

Video of the First Severe Dust/Thunder Storm of year 2014 dated (07-May-2014) in Badlapur.

#chennai - 8pm, moderate showers or drizzle expected over S,S-W suburbs in next 45 min.

Rain in Belgaum, Davengere and Delhi

Davengere - 4:27pm, It's drizzling from around 1pm ...

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Dust storm in Delhi. (6:21pm)
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Now rains following dust storm (Delhi) (6:39pm)

Belgaum - 5:41pm, "heavy passing showers from east here from 5:15.. still its continuous"

Belgaum - 6:50pm, "Well its pouring cats & dogs, I think I saw a tree fall down too. "

Instagrams from Vellore, Bangalore and Munnar

Vellore update at 2:05pm

Bangalore at 1:58pm

Now it's raining again in #munnar #kerala #india, 12:56pm

Chennai at 1:20pm

#Chennai - 1:20pm, Bright sunshine now with scattered low clouds.
T showers seen over S-S-W to W from city at 80km

#Chennai - 1:25pm, Wind direction is from South... S-W,W suburbs can witness Rain during next 6hrs.

#chennai - 11:20am, warm and humid. Cloud direction from South. No rain after midnight.

91B - Near N Kerala and N-E movement expected

11am, analysis show that LOW pressure system 91B is very near N-coast Kerala and along S-coast Karnataka.
Sea level pressure is around 1006mb.

12:30pm, visible shot reveals HEAVY rain ALL along coast, w-ghats of Kerala, S,central coast of Karnataka and S-tip of Tamilnadu.
Read about HEAVY rain in Kochi, Kerala ... here

During next 24hrs, this system is expected to drift N-E and cross into central Karnataka.
This N-E movement is expected due to a mid-level W.D trough is now seen along W Pakistan and moving East.
Today, a N-S low-level trough can be seen from N-N-E Madhyapradesh to N-N-W Maharastra and wind discontinuity can be seen upto S-W Maharastra, N-W Karnataka... the present 91B is expected to move inland and merge with the N-S trough over N,N-E Karnataka and W,N-W Andhra in next 36hrs.

:: HEAVY Rainfall alert ::

Today, before midnight, HEAVY and widespread rain to continue along Kerala W-ghats,coast and over S,central coast of Karnataka.
HEAVY rain also expected to push into S,central,W Karnataka towards evening and into midnight.
For Tamilnadu, scattered HEAVY T showers expected over N-W,central,N,N-E and S-tip Tamilnadu during next 12hrs.
Before tonight, T showers also expected over S,S-W,W Maharastra as well.
Moderate rain will spill into S,W,N-W Andhra as well during next 12hrs.

By morning of 9-May, HEAVY rain is expected to be over N,N-E,Central Karnataka, N-W,W,central Andhra.
By noon,evening tomorrow... most of the Rain will be over N,central,W,S,N-E Andhra.
During next 24hrs, the showers along Kerala coast will persist.
Showers over N,N-E,N-W Tamilnadu is also expected to persist till Friday midnight.

Kochi - Heavy rain ! Due to 91B - [photos]

RT @Sailorabee: Heavy rains in #Kochi
@weatherofindia (3:28am)

RT @Sailorabee: Southerly winds. Heavy Rains. Can't hear Thunder though

@weatherofindia (8:17am)

11:57am via Twitter for Android
Still raining. More like a passing squall. Rains should die once the low weakens. No? @weatherofindia

Kochi - 11am, #heavyrains#kochi#awsum#moonsoon#flooded