Monday, December 05, 2011

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Rising credulity. The truth about sea levels? They’re always rising

It has now become traditional for climate change summits to open with a new, dazzling prediction of impending catastrophe.The UN Climate Conference under way in the South African coastal town of Durban is no exception. This year’s focus is on a familiar and certainly arresting argument: that sea levels are rising at a catastrophic and unprecedented rate mainly due to man made global warming.

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Showers continued over S. Kerala and S. Tamilnadu on 4-Dec... and expected to continue today as well.
chennai - Temp. now 2:22pm is 29.7 C.. Going to be a DRY and COLD night for city.
Good rain forecast for C,N. Tamilnadu coast from 9 to 11-Dec... and more easterlies coming up before 20-Dec..
Next easterlies are expected to reach Tamilnadu coast on evening of 8-Dec.. and sharp showers to start from 9-Dec...
Today, a weak UAC is seen over E. Bay and this'll vanish in 12hrs to give way for the fresh easterlies on 6-Dec..
Gujarat continues to have HOT days ... 36.2 C was recorded at Idar (Gujarat) on 4-Dec

Climate Smart Agriculture policies will accentuate global hunger, not mitigate it!

Copenhagen, December 2009.  A public art exhibition was put up as a sidelight to the Climate Summit. Seen in the photograph is the 'Survival of the Fattest', sculpted by artist Jens Galschiot (2004) The sculpture is accompanied by text, reading in part:
I’m sitting on the back of a man.
He is sinking under the burden.
I would do anything to help him.
Except stepping down from his back.
The website goes on to explain: 'The sculpture ’Survival of the Fattest’ is a symbol of the rich worlds (i.e. the fat woman, ‘Justitia’) self-complacent ‘righteousness’. With a pair of scales in her hand she sits on the back of starved African man (i.e. the third world), while pretending to do what is best for him.”

The sculpture however was first exhibited in London, 2004 G7 meeting. On that occasion, it apparently was to symbolize the evils of globalization and free trade. In Copenhagen, 2009, it morphed into a new message about climate change with apparently little need to change anything except the captions. So the Justitia sculpture lends itself to whatever we want it to be. So in 2011, I use differently the sculpture changing nothing but the caption again. 

The text below reads:'The New Eco-imperialistic Strategy: Under the guise of eliminating hunger in developing countries, they actually conspire to accentuate it.'