Monday, July 01, 2013

Today's weather summary from Davangere, Bangalore, Badlapur, Chennai

Davangere - 6pm, "Very cool and cloudy day,but only a couple of drizzles ,no strong showers."

Bangalore - 7:50pm, "No rain as of now".

Badlapur - "on/off showers here. Today till 8.30am = 20mm. And till 7.30pm now it is 12mm"

#Chennai - 7:45pm, good sharp showers lashing N,N-W parts of city and moving towards Sea.

6pm, Sharp showers nearing W,N-W suburbs of Chennai

#Chennai - Medium intensity showers approaching W,N-W suburbs of city, expected to reach in another 30 min.

Showers popping near #Chennai

#Chennai - 4:30pm, Rain seen over W-N-W,N-W from city at around 100,80km. Showers seen into S.Andhra!
1pm, Rain seen over most of Madhyapradesh except over S,W. Showers seen all along S-W coast, N,central Bay active 

#HOT at 1:30pm, #Delhi = 37 C, Amristar, Jaipur, Thiruchirapalli = 36 C, Ahmedabad = 35 C.

Kolkata, Hyderabad, Patna = 31 C. Bangalore = 29 C and windy from West. 

#Chennai - 1:30pm, Temperature around 35 C, Clear skies from morning till now. Breeze from W has almost stopped, signs of early Sea breeze !

RT @sudhanrajagopal: Heavy rain affects monsoon tourism in Kerala - The Times of India .. 

Today, N-E.Tamilnadu, Chennai, S.Andhra coast can expect another round of evening sharp showers with Thunder.

Metttur Dam up from 19 ft to 42 ft in 4 days.

 Inflow continues even though catchment areas are not receiving any rains.

1.7.13 - inflow 33500 cusecs,  level 42 ft, storage 13200 mcft

30.6.13 - inflow 38500 cusecs,  level 36 ft, storage 10400 mcft

29.6.13 - inflow 38000 cusecs,  level 29 ft, storage 7200 mcft

28.6.13 - inflow 9500 cusecs,  level 19 ft, storage 4000 mcft
Top Driest Places in India Since June 1,2013 - All from Tamil Nadu...

1.Karur - 0mm
2.Pamban & Dharmapuri - 1mm
3.Tiruchi - 4mm
4.Tuticorin - 5mm
5.Palayamkottai - 15mm