Saturday, May 12, 2012

RT @iAravindh: Raining in Bengaluru @weatherofindia 3:30pm
On 11-May, highest maximum temperature of 43.9 °C recorded at Bramhapuri (Maharashtra)
chennai - temp. at 12:40pm was 36.0°C, feels like 40.8°C and Wind direction now 1pm is from S-E (Sea)
E.Bay may see a strong circulation around 18/19-May
Rainfall to increase over S.Andamans from 18-May... due to strengthening of Equatorial winds into S.Bay... S-W monsoon is near for Islands!!
Extended forecasts till 28-May suggests, Excessive pre-monsoon T.showers for S,S-W Karnataka, N,central Kerala and N-W Tamilnadu (Nilgiris)
chennai - most models suggest T.showers for City on Today or before evening of Sunday..
Isolated T.showers for N-E. Andhra and Orissa to continue till 17-May, and scattered Showers for N-E states are also to continue.
Next W.D will reach N-W India, Kashmir on 17-May
Due to W.D, showers also possible for N.Rajasthan, N.MP, Delhi , Haryana, Punjab, Kashmir, himachal for next 3 days..
During next 2 days, T.showers possible for N-E,S.Andhra, N,S-central Tamilnadu, chennai , N-E states ..
For next 24hrs, VERY heavy T.showers possible for Coastal, S,S-W Karnataka, N,central Kerala, central,E.Maharastra..
Heavy moisture will linger over S,S-W Karnataka and entire Kerala till 18-May and beyond.. MORE afternoon T.showers coming up for this zone.
Today, Vertical velocity is high along S-W,coastal Karnataka, entire Kerala and over N, N-W India..
Today, another W.D induced circulation can be seen over Punjab, Haryana and adjoining Pakistan....
Heavy moisture presence seen over S,S-W Karnataka, Entire Kerala and entire Tamilnadu .. HEAVY showers expected ..
Today, a circulation can be seen over Jharkand and E.Madhyapradesh.. it's trough extending upto S.Tamilnadu..
RT @sathymj: The summer has begun in Bombay. Really cloudy & muggy. A rainshower will increase the heat quantitatively. Mira Rd.
RT @rajugana: Baroda 10.30am, Cool breeze in the morning, Clear sky, sunny and hot. Temp Forcast 39-25 range. T.Showers come here...