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On 25-Apr, Ramagundam recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in South India
Rain map of 25-Apr, Showers over Rajasthan, N-E states and South peninsula ..
Rainfall activity would increase over northeastern states and east India.
Trough runs from east Bihar to south Tamilnadu across Jharkhand, Orissa, south Chhattisgarh, Telengana and interior Karnataka.
Rain on 25-Apr, Cherrapunji-8, Kailashar-7, Jagdalpur-5, Dibrugarh and Gopalpur-4 each and Silchar and Kochi-3 CM each
Chennai - Touched a moderate 35.3°C (12:25pm). Initial cloud developments vanished after 12:30pm.
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RT @arianthoughts: Its heavenly 2 walk out in d rain wid an umbrella knowing perfecttly well that u r gonna get drenched!!! Luv the rains.
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RT @Jaicsdx: Just got fully wet. Damn unexpected rain.lightning storms all around kochi.
5:30pm, Massive thunder storms over Central Kerala, N-E Bengal, into Bangladesh and over Srilanka..
Pre-monsoon maoist moves on forces radar...
4:30pm, Western ghats over Karnataka and Nilgiris are now peppered with thunder cells ..
3:30pm, Very heavy showers over south Kerala and N-W Andhra . .
3:30pm, A fresh western disturbance is over Pakistan and will be over Kashmir, Punjab in another 24hrs..
3:30pm, Heavy thunder squall over North Bengal ..
@rajugana >> Is it raining in Hyderabad ??
RT @binoyxj: Gonna rain here.Its raining daily in Kerala these days. rain kerala kochi (3:43pm)
RT @_muSICK_: The rain was really soothing. No rain in north f kerala. South enjoys everyday rains.
RT @kaalapayani: Heavy Thunders and Lightnings make huge noise in Trivandrum. Yet the sky is not break. Seems, waiting for the evening....
2pm, Thunder cells over N-W Andhra, Orissa, Chatisgarh, N Bengal and Heavy showers over South TN & Kerala ..
RT @agentsj: Into the pouring rain. Guess i'll be drenched to the bone by the time i get back home. Trivandrum
RT @jishinsalim: looks like a big rain comin' up, at Trivandrum
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1pm, Showers over Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Ramnad districts of Tamilnadu ...
"Help Us End Malaria" ..
India Monsoon - actual V official forecasts ... nice graph from Reuters...
At 12:53pm, we got reports of "Huge thunder clouds near Karaikudi" Tamilnadu
11am, Early thunder showers over S-E tamilnadu .. and at 12:30pm it has become bigger and showers over Ramnad dist..
@shankariyer23 >> Please let us know Where are you updating from in Kerala ?? Thanks
RT @shankariyer23: In awe of Nature in sun till 3 in the afternoon and rain and thundershowers thereafter..
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Mumbai winds turn E and drops humidity. If winds remain E, temp may go beyond 36c,now 34c at 11.30.
Monsoon Watch - 3 ...
On 25-Apr, An interesting analysis of the temperature range variation in India ..

Monsoon Watch - 3

Bay of Bengal : Indicator: -ve
Continuing from MW-2, I am now worried about the "Bay of Bengal" low pressure parameter. I feel, the Bay should host a pre-Monsoon low anytime after 15th. April. Like I mentioned in the previous MW, last year we had a cyclone in the Bay by the third week.

As on today, this region still maintains a luke warm response to the formation of a quick low. The pressure is anything but low, and the winds indiacate a "high" trying to establish itself. only +ve sign of a quick formation is that the SST is conducive. Conducive , 1)as I see winds getting Easterly, (See chart) to start with and breaking up the high pressure area, and 2) the Bay sea temperatures heating up around the Andaman Islands.

Sub-Continent Seasonal Low: indicator: ++ve
On the other hand, the sesonal low in the Thar region is getting into shape fast, thanks to the intense heat wave.True,the entire sub-continent region has suffered a heat wave, but the gains are much more. The central core pressure around the Thar desert region is now 1000mb (994mb required by June begining). And , as per the scheduled development, a proper gradiant is well on its way in the making.
The line of dis-continuity is shifting back to its normal postion, in the centre of the Southern Peninsula region. Out breaks of pre- monsoon thundershowers are expected next week in thie southern states and South Maharashtra.

Cross Equatorial Winds : Indicator ++ve
The cross equatorial wind flow, has picked up superbly in the Southern Hemisphere.Winds,getting stronger,have now started hitting the East African coast, and a re-curving Northwards of the winds, on the Kenyan coast,is seen.
As a result, we are seeing the Somali Current building up now.
Cross winds in the Eastern Sector (Bay) are getting strong too, and are re-curving.
That means, a high pressure region, the back-bone of our Summer Monsoon, is starting to form down in the Southern Hemisphere, off the Madagascar Island, and in the mid South Indian ocean. We have to observe this, and if no low pressure forms there till end of April, the ITCZ can start moving North.

Amidst this, a cyclone, "Sean" has formed off the west coast of Australia. Now, this would keep the ITCZ intact and keep it firmly stuck at around 5S. But, the forecast states the cyclone to move east, and dissipate within 72hrs. That's good news.
The positive news from Australian Weather Bureau; "The risk of tropical cyclone formation in the Australian region remains a very slim possibility for the end of April, although is becoming increasingly unlikely."

El-Nino: Indicator: Same as Last MW.
El Niño is present across the equatorial Pacific Ocean. The latest weekly SST departures are:
Niño 4 0.8ºC
Niño 3.4 0.8ºC
Niño 3 0.8ºC
Niño 1+2 1.1ºC
For El-Nino Factors in detail, see Link
The monthly SOI for March was -11, but the 30-day Southern Oscillation Index [SOI] to 18 April was +10. Hence, the SOI, animportant factor for the El-Nino, has stayed +ve.
SST in the El-Nino zone are coming to normal levels very slowly. It should neautralise within 2/3 months.
If, by any chance, there is a delay in the El-Nino coming to normalcy, the set back would be, weak rains in June, picking up in July.

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RPT-UPDATE 3-India sees normal monsoon rains; analysts cautious ..
Emirates Plane Drops Suddenly In Turbulence Over India, 20 Injured ..
Chennai - Having some good Low cloud formation, Will it sustain after 1pm after the strong SEA breeze sets in ???
RT @rajugana: RT @weatherofindia: Baroda- Clear Skies, hot n humid., no signs of cloud formation..
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Mah.heat on.Hottest Chandrapur 45c,Mumbai(city &Suburbs) 35c,M"shwar 33c, Pune 39c n Thane (AWS) 40c
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What happened to "Emirates" flight over Goa ?? ..

What happened to "Emirates" flight over Goa ??

Emirate Flight encountered CAT at FLIGHT LEVEL 200.i.e at 20000 ft. near Goa to day 25.04.2010/0745 HRS IST.

Goa Observations at 00Z 25 Apr 2010
sn Pre (hPa) Ht(m) Dir spd[kt]
-- --------- ----- --- -------
1 548 5129 315 01
2 523 5497 307 10
3 494 5945 298 20
4 368 8192 292 31
5 343 8712 285 45
[Courtesy : Wyoming weather web]

This is a Clear Air Turbulence [CAT]. Further it indicates clear wind shear also. CAT can not be easily identifiable with RADARS. This leads to sudden altitude loss.
From FLT level 200 to level 050.

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