Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chennai - steady rain for the past 10min over Polichalur zone 11:24pm

RT @BakwasRadio: Raining in Chennai .. @weatherofindia #besantnagar 11:10pm

RT @jiboyv: Raining steadily around whitefield area Bangalore  from past Hour. Couple of times power break too. Hope it continues ...10:32PM

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 10.20PM, Torrential downpour at the moment. Intermittent rain since 8.00pm.

Chennai - 10pm, moderate rain seen over N,N-W suburbs. Very heavy rain seen around 40km west from city.

RT @AxPn: Raining steadily but not heavilyfor past 15 mins Jayanagar Bangalore @weatherofindia 8:16pm

#Delhi - 4pm, good rains. Dark & cloudy. Like 7pm as of now. :) (Reported by one of our reader)

6pm, Heavy T.showers seen over W,N-W,N of #Chennai at around 100, 85, 65km respectively .

RT @RAVIGROVER4: @weatherofindia Today it is extremely windy in nashik and chill too in the air. (4:34pm)

RT @thttallgirl: Whoa! Is it gonna rain?? #mumbai (1:54pm)
#chennai - Showers possible tonight or before tomorrow evening. 4:25pm, Warm & humid with Deep blue skies and Low cloud formation over S-W.

Rainfall due to W.D over N,N-W,N-central India till today morning

Rainfall till 8:30am of 15-Feb

Kupwara 2

Bhilwara, Jahazapur and Swaimadhopur tehsil 2 each and Sawaimadhopur, Kotri, Lalsot, Aspur, Chikli, Devel, Dungerpur, Kenva, Aklera, Asnawar, Sapotra, Deeg, Pipalda and Sangod 1 each, 

Churu 1 

Chhibramau 2 CM

Rainfall till 8:30am of 16-Feb


Ferozpur Jhirka 6, Sirsa and Palwal 4 each, Hatin 3 and New Delhi (Palam), Narnaul, Farukh Nagar, Hodal, Israna and Panipat 2 each,  


Rohru 4, Manali and Sangraha 3 each and Kotkhai, Renuka and Dharampur 2 each,  

Batote, Bhadarwah and Pahalgam 2 each, 

PUNJAB: Halwara 3,  

Aklera 4, Sallopat, Mahwa, Bakani, Dug and Pachpahar 3 each and Banswara, Kathumer, Kesarpura, Sajjangarh, Kaman, Nadbai, Jahazpur, Kotdri, Lalsot and Nithua 2 each, 

WEST RAJASTHAN: Barmer, Kolayat and Pungal 3 each and Jayal 2,  

EAST UTTAR PRADESH: Banda 4 and Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi Airport and Varanasi City 2 each, 

WEST UTTAR  PRADESH:  Nazibabad 5, Sikandrabad 4, Khurja, Khair, Chhata and Jhansi 3 each and Moradabad, Meerut and Orai 2 each

UTARAKHAND: Barkot 6, Tehri, Haridwar and Dunda 5 each, Roorkee and Uttarakashi 4 each, Kotdwara, Pauri, Deoprayag and Kashipur 3 each and  Dehradun, Mussorrie and  Nainital 2 each.
During next 12hrs, Showers expected over central,E.Uttarpradesh, Chatisgarh, E,N-E MAdhyapradesh and coast Andhra.. 

In next 12hrs, showers possible over S,S-E.Karnataka, coastal Andhra, N,N-E,central Tamilnadu..

From midnight and 17-Feb, Rain will push into Bihar, Jharkand,N.Bengal, Orissa and more scattered rains over Tamilnadu. 

Scattered W.D showers for North N-E states from tonight till monday noon .. 

More scattered rains for Tamilnadu expected today, tomorrow and may last till Tuesday... 
Another moderate W.D is expected to reach N-W India on 22/23-Feb.
Low level circulation still persists over S,central.Rajasthan ... it shares the same location along with W.D's upper level circulation.

Low level circulation over S-central Rajasthan.. >> W.D's upper level circulation S-W.Rajasthan.

During next 24hrs, the low level circulation will move into Bihar, S-E.Nepal and N.Bengal ..

W.D's upper level circulation will move into Uttarakand in next 24hrs ...

The sea level LOW is over W.Madhyapradesh and along S-W Rajasthan.. 

1pm, scattered rain also seen over N,central,N-E Madhyapradesh..

1pm, scattered W.D rain seen over most of Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakand, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarpradesh..