Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heavy and Very heavy showers forecast for Orissa, Jharkand, N. Chatisgarh and S. Bengal in another 24 hrs .. due to the N. Bay LOW moving in
Chennai - Till the South west monsoon current is ACTIVE over S. peninsula, there's always localized Sharp showers possible after 4pm !!
Showers along entire S-W coast will go down from 20-Jun till 25-Jun ... Arabian sea monsoon will take a short break !
Heavy showers today all along Karnataka coast, Kerala coast and Maharastra coast ... this will continue till 20-Jun
The present N.Bay low will move inland in W-N-W direction during next 6 days... Expected to reach over N.Madhyapradesh on 22-Jun
Today, the N. Bay become even more Marked and has slowly started to move in N-W direction..
@Rehman_Basha >> It's a localized shower, which started over S. Chennai with a radius of 5 km and it travelled East and now its over Sea
RT @ImSandeshJain: Ittsssss rainingggggggg!!!!!! velachery, chennai
Chennai - sharp showers now 4:58pm, moving into S-W suburbs of Chennai.
Chennai - Sudden sharp showers just finished over Pallavaram 4:45pm. very localized ! ...
RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.10am, Yestday 39-28C. Normal onset of SWM here is 15th June. But still no indications of rains. Its sunny & hot.