Saturday, November 10, 2012

Showers over S.Tamilnadu and S.Kerala is expected to continue for next 36hrs..

No W.D expected for N,N-W India till 14-Nov.

Till 12-Nov, except south extreme, rest of India is going to be DRY !
A weak low level circulation is seen near coast of S-W Maharastra .. and expected to persist for another 36hrs..

A low level circulation is expected over S.Bangladesh from tomorrow .. NO significant weather change expected 
NOGAPS expects that strong easterlies will reach Tamilnadu coast on 13-Nov (Diwali day) and rain will start...

So NOGAPS model expects a rainy Diwali day, 13-Nov for entire Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai.

And COLA model suggests a DRY day for entire Tamilnadu on Diwali day !
Today, the low level circulation persists over S-E corner Bay .. and easterlies is seen entering into S-E Bay..

Easterlies will become strong in next 24hrs and this'll push the circulation west towards Srilanka...

Both COLA & NOGAPS models agree to a strong circulation over S.Bay on 12/13-Nov...

After 13-Nov, COLA suggests that the circulation will become as a depression/cyclone and move N-N-W towards Andhra..

But NOGAPS suggests a more Westerly movement due to the strong Easterlies pushing west ...  
#chennai - 3:32pm, It's warm at 29.3°C and touched a max of 30.9°C (1:26pm). Very less cloud formation seen.