Monday, May 05, 2014

Tonight, early hrs - Rain ahead for N,central Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai

Lots of T showers seen over N,N-central,E,E-central India and over N-E, W, S Peninsula ... 
5:30pm, lots of T showers along West Karnataka ...

7:30pm, moderate showers has popped near N,central Tamilnadu coast, expected to push into coast, #chennai after 12am 

It's May but still Dry & Hot weather like March in N.Konkan !

Thane Enviro max temp 37.7°C with min humidity of 30% today.
Thane IMD max temp 38.4°C with min humidity of 30%today.
Badlapur max temp 38.5°C with min humidity of 25% today.
Karjat estimated max temp 41.0°C with min humidity of 17% today.

Meanwhile, the low-level circulation over S,S-central Uttarpradesh persists with a trough seen upto S-W Maharastra, N-W Karnataka.
Scattered T showers expected over central,W Uttarpradesh today and tomorrow !

More, T showers ahead for S-W,S,central, N Bengal on Today, Tomorrow !
And widespread T showers over N,central zones of N-E states to continue till 8-May ... 

Gulf Mannar circulation - update and forecast - "More rain ahead for S Tamilnadu, S Kerala"

Today morning, the Gulf Mannar circulation is seen over S-W,W Srilanka and along Gulf Mannar...
The circulation can be seen from low-levels to 700hpa level and even a weak one at 500hpa level...
At sea level below the circulation the pressure is around 1006/1005 mb !

In next 24 to 36 hrs, this circulation and LOW is expected to drift into S Kerala, S Tamilnadu ...
According to GFS model, this system is expected to travel North along Kerala and reach central Karnataka coast on 7-May.
This system is expected to push into N-W Karnataka on 8-May and weaken !

Before tomorrow evening, HEAVY scattered T showers expected over S,S-central,S-E Tamilnadu and S,central, W-ghats Kerala.
Widespread rain expected for S tip Tamilnadu and S Kerala on today, 6-May ... 
And depending on the movement of circulation, Heavy rain along Kerala coast is expected on 7-May.
Due to this circulation, moisture push is expected ALL along Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai and more scattered T showers expected tonight, 6-May.

RT @markiv_in: @weatherofindia @chennaiweather strong winds and rain in Trivandrum now (2:47pm)

RT @Parthantino: Steel & Grey over Trivandrum :) #rain #happiness (3:12pm)
RT @MSadasivan: Heavy rain in Trivandrum! (3:02pm)

Chennai summer - "raining like N-E monsoon"

#Chennai - 2:40am, Expected showers have arrived.
Moderate rain now for past 15min in Polichalur zone.
"Like N-E Monsoon"

#Chennai - 5:56am, more steady rain now over Polichalur zone.
So far rainfall amount is 16.5mm in our weather station.

#chennai - 7:10am, a great summer #Morning with #rain .#May #weather . Long drizzle possible after this.