Friday, May 20, 2016

Records on 19th May 2016:

Phalodi 51.0,Churu 50.2,Bikaner 49.5 (previous was in 1914),Jodhpur 48.8,Pilani 47.5
Ahmedabad 48.0  (previous was in 1916), Amreli 46.8
Udaipur 46.4 tied.
Erinpura (India) max. 48.4 ,Sawai Madhopur (India) max. 48.7 ,Jalore (India) max. 48.9

Source Extreme Temps Maximiliano


Eraniel, S-tip Tamilnadu records 24cm - one more day of rain ahead.

SW Monsoon is slowly getting established over S,SE Bay supported by Cyclone #Roanu 's pull effect ...
At low-levels, the pull-effect of #Roanu has pushed HEAVY rain along S Kerala and into S-tip Tamilnadu, more ahead ...

SW Monsoon current over S,SE Bay, Andaman Islands can be judged only after #Roanu 's dissipation, that is after Sunday.

Till 8:30am today, HEAVY rainfall over Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra, S Karnataka...
Eraniel (s-tip Tamilnadu) 24cm
Trivandrum AP 14cm.
More HEAVY rain ahead for S,central-coast  Kerala and S-tip Tamilnadu after midnight today...

In 24hrs, scattered T-showers possible over S,central Andhra, N,NW,NE Tamilnadu into S,SE Karnataka !

Roanu - Bangladesh get ready

#Roanu at 5pm, "Maintaining intensity regardless of land proximity" and tracking NE. Now along S-coast Odisha..
#Roanu to continue its NE journey and expected to intensify further in 24/36hrs and make landfall over S Bangladesh...

#Alert #Roanu 
"Bangladesh get ready" .. landfall expected in next 24 hrs just west of Chittagong ...

5:30pm, T showers E Maharastra, central,S Madhyapradesh.
Cloudy Odisha,S Bengal due to #Roanu, Kerala coast rainfall ..
Kolkata - RADAR at 5:50pm, shows showers due to outer band of #Roanu has pushed upto S Bengala and NE Odisha...

May 20, 2016 at 08:56AM

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Roanu "almost" making landfall along N-coast Andhra

RT @airnewsalerts: 
#Kerala : Heavy rain lashes Thiruvananthapuram and other parts of the state #iwm

Cyclone #Roanu , 7:30am, after a mini weakening session of 6hrs, it has started to pick intensity and moving NE & N ..
8am, #Roanu is "almost" making landfall along N-extreme coast of Andhra.
Heavy rain ALL over N Andhra, #Vizag ..

8am, HEAVY convective activity seen along N Andhra and into S,central-coast Odisha...
8am, Heavy monsoon style rain for S,central Kerala and S-tip Tamilnadu ...

Nagercoil , S-tip Tamilnadu got 73mm till 7:30am.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM got 117mm till 6:30am.

"Even though it's very close to land" - #Roanu is expected to continue its NE movement along Odisha coast to N Bay ..

May 20, 2016 at 07:56AM

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May 20, 2016 at 01:26AM

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May 20, 2016 at 01:02AM

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May 20, 2016 at 12:37AM

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Historical High for India ! Phalodi, Rajasthan, India, records India's highest ever temperature when it recorded 51.0c on 19th May 2016.
Other maximum temperatures in India on 19th May 2016...

1 Phalodi 51.0 °C
2 Churu 50.2 °C (Record...Highest ever)
3 Barmer 49.5 °C
4 Bikaner 49.5 °C 
Hottest in Gujarat: Ahmedabad (Record) and Deesa at 48.0c. 
Hottest in Maharashtra: Jalgaon 46.6c.

Pakistan Met Department announces 52c in Larkana on 19th May 2016..
Other Pakistan Highs on 19th:
1 Jacobabad 51.5 °C
2 Bahawalnagar 50.0 °C
3 Sibi              50.0 °C
4 Rohri              49.0 °C