Friday, November 29, 2013

RT @sanjeevnaique: @weatherofindia its bright and sunny here in #Margao in #Goa at 5 p.m. 

6:30pm, Remnant of Cyclone LEHAR as medium high cloud cover is seen drifting over most of S,S-W,central Maharastra and over N Karnataka.
6:30pm, some light rain witnessed over S,S-W Maharastra and N Karnataka ... 
6:30pm, Satellite IR shows S,S-W Bay is very active and showers are nearing Tamilnadu coast.

#Chennai - 7:30pm, DRY and chill in air. Temperature around 26 C.
These conditions are expected to change in next 15hrs.

North #India Cold coming back !

COLD North #India ... today morning Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) records 6.2 °C.
But, Where is Muzaffarnagar ??

Today morning, #COLD over N India was slightly above normal ... Srinagar = -2 C ... other stations recorded 2 or 3 deg C above normal.

From 1-Dec, #COLD conditions are expected to be back over N,N-W,N-central, W, central and into East #India .

A weak W.D system will affect Kashmir on 1,2 Dec... scattered rain / snow possible.

S Bay is active while easterlies pushing towards Tamilnadu.

RT @svellika: @weatherofindia Hyderabad 6:45 a.m. Chilly. Overnight rain, but no drizzle at the moment. Overcast. 
RT @svellika: @weatherofindia Hyderabad 10:30 a.m. Already signs of clearing after a wet, drizzly morning! 

12:30pm, medium high cloud cover seen over most of Andhra, N Karnataka, S,S-E,E Maharastra .. showers possible today in these zones! 

As of morning, the easterlies has pushed upto S-central Bay.
Heavy activity seen over S Bay.

Signs of circulation already there.

A low level circulation will pop over S, S-S-E Bay in next 24hrs ... initially it's expected to drift West along with easterlies.

Showers from easterlies to start for central,S-E,N coast Tamilnadu and #Chennai from noon, Saturday.
RT @Badasaar: @weatherofindia Kakinada today - Normal winds from 11am. No heavy rain, just drizzling since 3pm. 

11pm, Remnant showers of LEHAR has now pushed into N Andhra and cloudiness has spread into E Maharastra as well .. 
29-Nov, before evening, scattered moderate rain expected over S-E,E Maharastra, N,N-E Andhra and into S Chatisgarh.

Meanwhile, a good easterlies is slowly pushing towards Tamilnadu coast... now it has reached to S-E central Bay.
Upcoming easterlies will give showers for central,N Tamilnadu from Saturday evening.
"Rainy Sunday" expected for most of Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai and into some interior zones as well.
On Saturday, a weak low level circulation is expected to pop over S Bay.
A wet week ahead for most of Tamilnadu.

#Chennai - 12:13am, a dewy night with present temperature at 24 C.
Expected to touch a low of 22 C.