Friday, August 23, 2013

Rain in #Chennai - 9:45pm

9:45pm, #Chennai - sharp showers now over Pallavaram zone.
9pm, Circulation weakened but still "visible" along W,S-W. Madhyapradesh, E. Gujarat ... 
9pm, ... Rain over E,S-E Rajasthan and into W,N-W. Madhyapradesh  .. rest of #India is having less activity!

Weather around India - Today

#Chennai - 9pm, light rain seen over W,S-W,N-W from city and approaching. Rain expected in next 45min, It may strengthen while nearing coast

Davangere - 6:31pm, "more rain today"

#Kolkata - 4:49pm, "bright and sunny day"

#Bangalore - 5:25pm, "drizzling now and than"

Badlapur - "Heavy rain in Badlapur today" ... 

Shahdol, E. Madhyapradesh - 11:22am, "Showers totally vanished"

#Kolkata - Today Sunset ... a classic photo shared by our Facebook reader ... 

Chennai - 3:54pm, having good cloud formation now. Signs of localized rain in next 1hr is good!

RT @shri611: Heavy rains lashing #Mumbai, 8.50am. @weatherofindia What a welcome to the maxxximum city!

"Looks like a Cyclone over central India !!", 11:30pm, 22-Aug

11:30pm, 22-Aug, Heavy rain over S,W,central,N-E. Madhyapradesh.. pushing into N.Maharastra as well 
Latest analysis show that the low,mid level circulation is over S-E. Madhyaapradesh ... 
Models suggest that the low,mid circulation will start to weaken over E,E-central Madhyapradesh in next 24hrs.
And a weak circulation is expected to persist over E,N-E. Madhyapradesh till Saturday evening.
Upper level 500hpa circulation is seen along S-E. Madhyapradesh, N-E Maharastra and over central Chatisgarh .. 

Upper level W.D circulation seen along N.Pakistan and W.Kashmir. expected to persist for next 24hrs 

Rainfall Forecast
Before 5:30am, heavy rain expected over W,S-W,S. Madhyapradesh, N,N-E. Maharastra and some over N-W. Maharastra as well.
Very heavy rain expected over W,S-W. Madhyapradesh, E. Gujarat, N. Maharastra before noon today ... 
More heavy rain for S,W,S-W. Madhyapradesh before late evening today!
By midnight of 23-Aug, some showers expected over E,S-E.Gujarat, N-W. Madhyapradesh and into S-E. Rajasthan.
Till Saturday evening, rain will linger over central,N-W. Madhyapradesh.

Scattered rain also expected for S,S-W Bengal during next 2 days... Other than that LESS rain forecast for most of India till noon of 24-Aug

During next 36hrs, some rain will occur over N-coast Maharastra, S,S-E Gujarat as well.
By Saturday noon, evening ... showers possible for E.Gujarat into Ahmedabad zone.