Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mahabaleshwar records 432mm till 8:30am today !

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 1.10pm,  Dark passing clouds, windy, no rain and bandh, empty roads.. 

#Chennai - 5:41pm, another warm and cloudy day coming to end.
Again scattered moderate/light rain expected after 6pm.

#Chennai -5:50pm, Already light rain seen over North suburbs at around 20km from city.

Today, the Bay LOW, low,mid-level circulation is over N Chatisgarh and adjoining Odisha ... 
And the Gujarat low,mid-level circulation is expected to persist over central Gujarat for 24hrs and fizzle out ... 

The mid-level circulation over S,S-E Gujarat is expected to persist for another 2 days according to WRF model... 
Chatisgarh mid-level circulation may not drift W-N-W, instead an another circulation is expected over S Bengal .. 
Saturday, another strong low,mid-level circulation expected over S Bengal along N Bay...
More rain ahead for E India

Today, the west coast offshore trough is active from N Maharastra coast to N Kerala coast, expected to persist for 2 days ! 
Today, the upper-level circulation(s) are seen over N Maharastra coast and over S-central Odisha... 
The Odisha upper-level circulation is expected to weaken, drift, fizzle out over Jharkhand, N Chatisgarh in next 36hrs.
Almost the same case with upper-level (500hpa) circulation along N Maharastra coast ... it'll weaken and may persist till Saturday ! 

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs

In next 18hrs, widespread showers expected over Chatisgarh, Odisha, N,N-E Andhra, E,N-E Maharastra, E,central,S-E Madhyapradesh.
Till Friday, HEAVY rain along South end of axis from E,S-E Rajasthan to Odisha thru MP, chatisgarh, Jharkhand 
Till Friday evening, HEAVY rain to persist along S,central,S-W,S-E Gujarat !
Scattered rain to continue ALL along Maharastra coast, Mumbai, but the rain intensity is expected to be low from Friday morning.
There's NO relent of rainfall seen along entire Karnataka coast during next 42hrs.
Today after 6pm, Scattered moderate T showers expected over N,N-E,N-central coast of Tamilnadu, #Chennai !

Maharastra disaster and Rain report of 30-Jul-2014

Landslide in Maharashtra kills 17; 200 feared trapped ... 

Maharashtra hillock crash toll climbs to 25 ... 

PUNE received the season's highest 24-hour rainfall of 84.3 mm till 8:30am of 30-Jul ... 
BHUBANESWAR: Heavy rain on Wednesday, "several parts of the city remained inundated for hours"... 

Davangere - 30-Jul, "After few days of break, rains have come back strongly today.Totally wet day today."
Belgaum - On 30-Jul, "continuous heavy to very heavy rain from 12pm" ...  .. 

Photos from Belgaum ::