Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cyclone Aila and Bangladesh

Millions of people have been left homeless after large tidal waves struck the two countries

Cyclone Aila is causing widespread damage along the coast. Rising flood waters there are forcing thousands of residents from their homes.

Floods ravaged coastal parts of Bangladesh Monday the 25th, leaving thousands of families homeless.

Those fortunate enough to escape the rising flood waters walked to temporary shelters, while others were left stranded.

[Mosheleuddin, Villager]:
"The water from the sea entered our village and flooded our homes. All our houses were flooded. No dry place remains."

The storm surge from Aila washed away dozens of shrimp farms and flooded rice fields.

With Aila tracking towards the coast the Bangladesh Weather Bureau has kept storm warning in place for the ports at Chittagong, Mongla and Cox's Bazar.

Almost 40 have perished in Bangladesh.

This poor south Asian country is battered by storms every year.

A cyclone in November 2007 ravaged a large part of the country's coast, killing nearly 3,500 people and displacing around two million.

Cyclone Aila and Kolkata

The cyclonic storm Aila hit the Indian city of Calcutta and nearby areas, killing more than 30 people, before weakening and heading north.

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India monsoon loses pace

India's annual monsoon rains, which hit the country's mainland on Saturday, has lost pace and there has been no advancement for the last two days, the weather deparment said on its website on Wednesday.

Till May 25, the southwest monsoon advanced over entire Kerala and Tamil Nadu, parts of coastal Karnataka, entire northeastern states, and most parts of West Bengal, the Indian Meteorological Department said.

"There is no further advance of monsoon till today, i.e. 27th May 2009," the department said.

Monsoon reached the south-western state of Kerala on May 23, ahead of the scheduled June 1.

Here's the northern limit of monsoon..

The northern limit of monsoon as on 25th May 2009, passed through Lat. 13.0ºN/Long 60.0ºE, Lat. 13.0ºN/Long 70.0ºE, Mangalore, Dharmapuri, Chennai, Lat. 15.0ºN/Long 83.0ºE, Lat. 17.0ºN/Long 85.0ºE, Paradip, Balasore, Bankura and Gangtok.