Friday, October 12, 2012

Chennai - 12:54pm, now having good cloud formation. Showers possible in another 1.5hr or it'll vanish

Today, scattered showers expected along W.Ghats of Kerala & Tamilnadu, S,W,N-W.and N.Tamilnadu..

Showers over Orissa & N-E.Andhra to continue for next 48hrs...

COLA model suggests that scattered showers over most of Tamilnadu, W.ghats of Kerala & S,S-W.Karnataka to continue even till 16/17-Oct.

Last of rain over N-E states to continue for another 24hrs and then go down drastically.

#chennai - may get 1 or 2 showers before 18-Oct.. but most of Tamilnadu showers will be over Interior zones and not along coastal regions.
N-E monsoon to break open over #chennai & N,central Tamilnadu coast on 18-Oct...

Onset of monsoon over Tamilnadu coast is expected to be followed by a Low pressure system frm Bay crashing along #chennai coast on 19/20-Oct 

8am, early morning isolated t.shower seen over s-e.Tamilnadu and s.karnataka.