Thursday, August 12, 2010

RT @CNNweather: RT @robmarcianoCNN: 6.9 earthquake in Ecuador. Inland remote area. Pretty deep so no tsunami warnings.
Chennai - Rain trends from August mid to September mid.. "If there's any shower activity it'll be before 2pm and Clear/cloud sky after that"
Chennai - is heading towards a showery afternoon. Lots of low cloud formation seen now 11:57am. Temp is at 35.3 C and wind from N-W
Chennai - To the North-East we can see high clouds and a fresh thunder cell formation now 11:54am...
11am, Bay just N-E of Chennai is active with a thunder storm...
RT @rajugana: , Baroda,9.30am, No rain, but dense passing clouds, a pic, it appears heading for a rainy day !!