Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Badlapur max temp 30.5c with min humidity of 29% today. Also amazing view of deep blue sky with bright sunshine here 

Cyclone MADI as Depression and central Tamilnadu coast Landfall

6pm, ADT analysis of MADI suggests that pressure is only around 1004mb, but sees GOOD cloud top temperatures of -77.9 C.
But at 5:30pm, US NAVY still considers Cyclone Madi as Cyclone with pressure around 993mb and winds upto 75 kmph.
5:45pm, Microwave imagery shows that Madi still has good center and exactly parallel to #Chennai at 13.4N, 83.1E .. 

Madi as Depression is expected to drift S-W or W-S-W at good pace in next 12hrs and landfall expected along Pondicherry around noon, 12-Dec.

RT @vnsiva: @weatherofindia Slight drizzling in Mount Road Chennai! (6:46pm)
#Chennai - expected to receive moderate rain from midnight or early morning tomorrow. Wind gusts upto 40/50 kmph is expected over city.
Heavy / moderate rain expected along #Chennai, N,central Tamilnadu coast after 10am tomorrow.
Showers expected to push into central,N,S interior Tamilnadu after 3pm tomorrow.
If MADI is making landfall as Depression, HIGH winds upto 50/60 kmph expected along N,Central Tamilnadu coast around noon of Thursday.

An easterly wave is expected to follow right behind this degraded Cyclone... its expected to reach central, S-E Tamilnadu coast on Saturday

#Chennai and Madi

RT @manikandan23686: @weatherofindia drizzling. In guindy #Chennai (6:04pm)

#Chennai - 6:29pm, chance of rain towards midnight, early morning is increased now.
Due to MADI, rain seen over East at around 120km.

#Chennai - 6pm, Mid and Upper level winds are from North along city and has increased to 60 kmph from noon... 

Colder surface temperature & temp inversion aloft

11.12.13 06Z

11.12.13 09Z

It is very interesting and astonishing.  As pointed out by many models the cyclone/ DD has drifted towards SW.  This can otherwise be considered as formation of new DD relatively in lower latitude. This may be attributed to cold surface air temperature and inversion in upper level upto 850 hPa.  

The SST along TN coastal  stretch & along south west bay is higher.


[This upper air profile on 11.12.13 / 00Z of Chennai]
    hPa     m        C          C          %       g/kg    deg      knot        K           K        K
 1006.0     16     24.2      20.9     82      15.73      270       3       296.8    342.4     299.6
 1001.0     60     25.2     18.8      68      13.85      305       9       298.3    338.7    300.7
 1000.0     69     25.4     18.4     65       13.50     310     11       298.6     338.1    301.0
    850.0   1485   17.8   13.5     76        11.57      0        12       304.8     339.6    306.9

Madi - Depression now and moving S-W

1pm, Cyclone MADI has weakened to Depression now.
Pressure around 999mb.
Cyclone Madi has tracked S-W during past 12 hrs.
Visible shot at 1pm shows the exposed center of the system ... 
1pm, Visible shows fresh T showers over its N-E,W,S-W quadrant...