Monday, February 25, 2013

ORBIT - a must see video !


From tomorrow noon, Rain due to W.D is expected over Kashmir, Punjab, some parts of Haryana, Himachal and N.Rajasthan 

The upcoming W.D is expected to give rains only for N.India and last till 27-Feb. It's not expected to move into Nepal 
During the weekend the present circulation over S-E corner Bay may track west along 5th parallel towards S-E Srilanka. 
Latest analysis show a circulation and Low seen over S-E corner Bay .. >> this is caused by the dying "ShanShan"

8:30pm, Next W.D nearing N,N-W India and convective activity seen over S-E Bay due to circulation, Low... 

From Wednesday 27th, rising trend in day temperatures will be observed in Northern plains, Central, Eastern and Southern parts of the country. Central and Western India, see a marked rise from Thursday and Friday.
The first 40c of this season is likely in the country around after Friday on this weekend.

Mumbai Scruz: Tuesday/Wed/Thursday: Clear and warm. These 3 days days will be around 33/34c and nights will remain around 17c. Expecting a very warm begining to the first day of March for Mumbai and outer towns. (Maybe 38/39 in outer towns)
Outer townships will be warm and around 34/35c rising to 36c on Thursday.
Pune: Warm and sunny. Days around 34/35c and nights around 14/15c.

more city details on vagaries
#Chennai - after touching 19 C today morning, reached 31 C around 2pm, but feels Mild !
By yesterday evening the last of W.D was seen over Bihar ... 12:30pm today another W.D is nearing N,N-W India..

Next W.D will reach N,N-W India by tomorrow morning ... 12:30pm today it's already cloudy over W.Kashmir..  
#Hot Maharastra.. Yesterday, highest maximum temperature of 39.5°C was recorded at Bhira (Maharashtra)...

#Chennai - Feb. end COLD ... today morning it was 19.5 C.