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6 MARCH 2017
3:30 PM IST
March begin with rains over some parts of North india with isolated places witnessed hailstorms, but after that weather cleared over plains & residents enjoying pleasant weather. Now weather conditions once again favouring another spell of rains & hails stronger then previous one to visit the region. A fresh WD(Western disturbance) along with CC(Cyclonic circulation) will start affecting hills and plains of north by 8 March. Isolated rains/Duststorms possible over punjab, Haryana, North Rajasthan on 8 march then by 9 march intensity & spread of rains will increase by the evening many parts of the region along with national capital Delhi will be covered by rains. By 10 March most parts of hills and Plains will record bountifull rains with hails at isolated places which is harmful for crops. Spell will be at peak on 9-10-11 march after that it will start clearing but showers will continue over NW parts of UP & foothills.

Arpit Sharma, a experienced forecasters from Nindia said:
"A typical March WD with heavier precipitation in Himachal and Uttarakhand along with the plains. More precipitation is expected in HP & UK in comparison to J&K"

Srijan Gupta, forecaster from Delhi said:
"WD & cyclonic circulation will enter in NW india and on other hand another cyclonic circulation will also help in precipitation over hills and plains of Nindia", hilly states will witness heaviest precipitation- he added.

Devender Dabas, officer at IMD shimla said:
"There are very good chances of rains over many parts of NW india on 10th & 11th March. Isolated places will also witness hailstorms activities"

Navdeep Dahiya, Founder/CEO LWI said:
"Fair chances of rains along with hails over Plains of north India, Mustard crops are at harvesting hails will give serious damages to standing crops. Rains will be good for wheat crops as per current conditions but hails will give damages to wheat also, many places of plains will witness moderate rains but hills along with foothills will get the best- he added

Maximum temperature will drop over the region due to rains, as the spell clears min temperature will also take sharp dip & cool weather will make comeback. Residents will enjoy this weather but farmers are going to face serious concerns. Vegetables prices are also expected to rise after this spell of rains. Weather forecasters will be looking at radars and satellite pics on there screen. The poor farmer will look at sky and hope it will not hail & crop will be saved!