Thursday, April 24, 2014

Almost impossible task of forecasting South West Monsoon !!
Here's IMD's Long Range Forecast of SW Monsoon 2014... 
[Download PDF]  

Heat wave continues on Election Polling day in North Kokan today!

New Record of consecutive 40c+ mark temp for straight 4 days in a row !!!
So may be one of the reason for less voting turnout here!

Some max temp from the region below dated (24-4-2014):

Badlapur temp 40.4°C with min humidity of 14%.
Thane Enviro temp 40.5°C with min humidity of 22%.
Thane IMD temp 40.9°C with min humidity of 18%.
Karjat estimated temp 42.0°C with min humidity of 12%.
Palghar max temp 37.1°C with min humidity of 30% today.

Mumbai max temp 36.5°C with min humidity of 35% so real feel of 38°C

RT @Sailorabee: Heavy rains. Thundershowers #kochi
@weatherofindia 4:21pm

Tirunelveli - 2pm, Rain after a long time over eastern suburbs.

Tamilnadu #Election day

#chennai - 10:56am, #election day - Temperature 34 C and feels like 39 C.
Sea breeze expected after 2pm. warm late noon expected.
Pls #vote

A weak low-level circulation expected over Gulf mannar... more rain ahead for S,W Tamilnadu, S Kerala, W-ghats Kerala
S,S-W,W Tamilnadu can get scattered T shower after 2pm... people are requested to #vote before that !!

Time lapse cumulonimbus clouds in Kolkata