Wednesday, January 06, 2010

IMD: An easterly wave likely to affect south peninsular India from tomorrow onwards .. this will increase the Humidity & minimum temperature.
Maximum temperatures are below normal by 5-80C over parts of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
All GFS models still predict some scattered medium showers for North Tamilnadu & South Andhra coast on 9-jan-10 .. as GFS models predicted the circulation will slowly move towards north TN and South Andhra coast in next 72 hrs
Potential Cloud formation zone just above 10 N has slightly moved west ..
Very heavy showers over north Andaman islands ..
Analysis .. .. also shows the HUGE high pressure or Anti cyclone over East-Central India, upto north Andhra. .. Analysis shows the Huge circulation over south Bay and the potential cloud formation zone along 10 N.
PHOTOS:: Earthquake sparks landslides, tsunami on Solomon Island ..
Indian Ocean, the sea level rise during 2004-08 is about 9mm ..
'More accuracy in weather forecasting' ..
1,000 people homeless on Solomons after tsunami ..
NOAA proposes ocean critical habitat for leatherback sea turtles off West Coast ..
Chennai - Latest GFS still predicts mild showers for Chennai on 9-Jan-2010, ..
Chennai - Morning low temperature back to 22 deg after 17 deg on morning of 5-Jan-2010
GFS now predicts that the present system over Bay will continue to move north above 10 N ..
Potential LOW system over Bay still persists .. cloud mass has moved North-north-west above 10th parallel ..