Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Reports of HEAVY rain in Bangalore .. look at the satellite pic ..
RT @phanivankadari: WOW ... The bangalore roads are completely clogged with rain water!!! Lucky to get home keeping my legs on the safe guard of my bike! ;-)
RT @thatsKannada: Wed night Bangalore rain havoc reports and weather forecast for the next 36 hours
RT @gaya_tree: - Work on the bangalore metro through rain (i.e. Now) or shine.
RT @dreamz12: looks like its going to rain heavily..bangalore
RT @praveen_nair: Rain and more rains at Bangalore.... better than monsoon time !
Chennai - Yesterday also same time we had clear skies except to the west-north-west.
Chennai - We have distant thunder cells over to west, like that of yesterday evening.. Otherwise the whole sky is clear.
RT @stockbaat: Rains 38 pct below normal in past wk sources: Indias monsoon rains were 38 percent
YSR chopper pilots knew of bad weather, shows voice recorder ..
Chennai - now 37.9°C (3:41pm)
India heading for worst drought since 1972
Yesterday(23-Sep-09) again Vellore district gets very heavy showers .Vellore and Melalathur 9 CM, Ambur and Vaniyambadi 7 cm.
Chennai - Just now touched a SUPER high temperature of 37.8°C (2:49pm) .. this is VERY hot for this time of year.
Satellite pic (2pm) shows activity near North-coastal Andhra and otherwise a clear looking India ..
Chennai - A clear, HOT and dry day so far 2:53pm... Almost NO low cloud formation yet.
Chennai - a clear DEEP blue sky morning... warm and Humid now 10:19am. "Deep blue" always signals a new weather front moving in.