Saturday, September 15, 2012

#chennai - 8:08pm, sharp showers just started over Polichalur zone.
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Light showers in Delhi. (7:23pm)

#chennai - 7:45pm, Today "again".. Heavy T.showers approaching W,S-W suburbs. Now at around 40km from city.
Uttarakhand rainstorm leaves 29 dead, 31 missing ... 
Scattered Heavy rains will continue over N.India, Most of E.India and all along Himalayan foot hills ..

From 18/19-Sep, rain over N,N-W of India will go down almost to nothing ..

Present rain all along Himalayan Foot hills will also go down from 19-Sep.

Meanwhile, widespread rain over Chatisgarh & Orissa will continue till 20-Sep...

Isolated rainfall forecast for entire W,S-W coast till 21-Sep and beyond !

From 17/18-Sep, only scattered & moderate rain forecast for most of N-E states.!
Offshore trough along S.Karnataka & N.Kerala coast is strong..

By 20-Sep, the offshore trough along S-W coast may disappear !! Except for a trough near S.Karnataka & N.Kerala !

Gradual weakening of the LOW over Pakistan has started to happen !

Till 18-Sep, the monsoon axis will be more to the north along Himalayan foot hills ... it's expected to drift South from 20-Sep.

In 24hrs, An inland low level circulation may pop over E.Uttarpradesh & Bihar .. expected to last for 2 days..

N-N-W Bay may pop a low level circulation on 19-Sep ...

E.Uttarpradesh & Bihar may host an UAC in next 12 to 24hrs, and move W-N-W and vanish in 2 days ..

A weak UAC possible along N-E.Andhra coast on 17-Sep ... 
1:30pm, Fresh showers popping over most of Uttarpradesh, Orissa, S.Bengal, Jharkand, Bihar & N.Chatisgarh..

1:30pm, Showers continue over N,central Kerala .. 
RT @mr_jibz: Crazy #Rain since morning!! #Harthal Special!! #Kochi #Kerala #India (1:03pm)
Yes, models expect the start of Monsoon withdrawal from N,N-W India to start from 19/20-Sep... 
#chennai - 12:45pm, is HOT & Humid now. More T.showers expected after 4pm today !

After 4pm, High vertical.V expected over S,S-E.Karnataka, S,S-central Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai .. Rain again 
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia  Monsoon still active, withdrawal delayed for 7th year - Indian Express 
IMD :: Withdrawal of southwest monsoon from northwest India would not commence during next 5 days.

#chennai - rainfall till 8:30am today.. Nungambakkam = 26.8mm and Airport = 42.1mm

Chennai - 12am,  rain continues over Polichalur zone! Intensity reduced.