Friday, June 07, 2013

Surat recorded 40mm rain till 8.30pm today for past 12hrs.

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 7.20pm; Dark passing clouds with heavy winds, evening showers at some parts of the city. 

RT @tvcritics: Taking shelter on Juhu beach, Mumbai as pre-monsoon rain kicks in.
5pm, Massive T.showers seen over S,central.Bengal, Jharkand, Odisha, N,N-E,S.Andhra and over S.Gujarat ... 

5pm, T.showers also seen over S,S-W,W.Maharastra, E,S-E.Madhyapradesh, S-E.Rajasthan and S.Haryana near #Delhi ...

Badlapur dark from NE with medium rains and slight thundery & lightning with current temp is 26.5c... (5:40pm)

RT @kaymenon: @weatherofindia #Trivandrum All set to usher in a rainy Friday evening. Sky over Trivandrum! :) (4:23pm)

RT @puneetbangera: @weatherofindia Heavy showers lashed dombivli,Mumbai!!!!!! (4:25pm)

#Chennai - 5pm, Showers seen pushing into W,S-W suburbs of city and Fresh T.cells seen over S-W around 20.25km from city.
#Chennai - 3:45pm, T.Showers seen over N-N-W at around 75km from city into S.Andhra. Showers also seen over Ponneri zone.

#Chennai - 3:48pm, Good T.cell seen over W-S-W of city over Sriperumpudur zone. And more over N,N-N-W of city.

#Chennai - The T.cell over W-S-W of city around 30km "may" push into S-W suburbs of city in next 45min.
#Kolkata - 11:30am, Aftr 4 consecutive.warm, humid days in raind heavly in dum dum airport and some parts of central kolkata

yipeeeeeeeee ....... kolkata got its first pre-monsoon showers , was really nice .... good amount of rains , roughly i can say , around 25-30 mms in 30 mins ..

#Mumbai - 3:03pm, "steady drizzle since 45 mins ..of course only 1.5 mm till now"

RT @nitin4verma: Mumbai rain... (3:14pm)

RT @turnlastpage: First rain in Mumbai and I'm in my apartment (3:13pm)

RT @harrycheese: Rain clouds over mumbai (2:36pm)

#Monsoon current is expected to peak all along S,central Peninsula in next 36 hrs .!

The low level wind speed along N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S,central,coastal Andhra is expected to increase in next 24 / 36 hrs.

These high winds can also be felt on the ground from W,N-W,S-W over N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S.Andhra from tomorrow till 11-Jun.

The high winds over low levels will reduce the T.shower possibility for Rain shadow regions of S,central Peninsula from tomorrow.

The rain is expected to be concentrated ALL along S-W,W coast of Peninsula India from tomorrow... 

#Chennai - Will have cloudy or clear, Humid DAY till 3/4pm. And T.shower or a sharp shower expected after 4pm from today till 12-Jun.

#Bangalore - is expected to have cloudy, windy days, with drizzle or light showers towards evening or late evening.

#Hyderabad - is expected to 1/2 T.showers during next 48hrs and after that less chance of rain, but it can be cloudy with drop in day temp.

During next 3 days, HEAVY #Monsoon rain expected for entire Karnataka coast, #Goa, N,central Kerala and Maharastra coast.
12pm, Monsoon active along Kerala and Karnataka coast, Cloud over mos of Maharastra, W.Madhyapradesh, Karnataka .. 

Today, #Monsoon is active up to N.Karnataka coast and reaching #Goa ... 

Today, a mid level circulation is seen along Goa and another over W-central Bay ... 

A weak low level circulation is seen along #Mumbai .. >> this is good for the #Monsoon progress into Maharastra coast

Today, good off shore trough is seen along Karnataka coast and up to N.Kerala coast ... 

In next 2 days, the off shore is expected to deepen and establish from N.Maharastra coast to N.Kerala coast ... 

On 9-Jun, the Heat LOW from N-W India to East India will be more established with pressure around 994 mb...

Latest IMD, COLA models suggest that #Monsoon current & rain for #Mumbai is expected to start from 8-Jun ... 

On Sunday, Heavy #Monsoon rain will be well and truly over #Mumbai .. expect a "Super Sunday" ... 

RT @___narayan___: It has been raining torrents in #Allahabad since 9.15 am. (9.45am) @weatherofindia 

RT @gsarkar: @weatherofindia  warm and cloudy morning in Pune. (10:49am)

RT @iamdodge: I like this weather. Feels like it will rain but it actually does not rain. #Mumbai (12:23pm)

#HOT India on 6-Jun, Churu­ 47, Bikaner ­47, Ganganagar­ 46.9, Narnaul­ 46, Phalodi ­45, Gwalior­ 45.8, Banda ­45.6, Hissar ­45.4 C

Teasing clouds of south mumbai

see the evening clouds in south mumbai

but they tease and run away after a small drizzle