Monday, June 23, 2014

Japanese Met predicts double whammy for Indian Monsoon: India faces devastating drought

The Japanese climate agency, JAMSTEC model predictions, if they actualize doesn’t augur too well at all for the Indian monsoon. They predict a double whammy – a combined El Nino-Indian Ocean Dipole adverse effect. If so, we may end up facing a seasonal rainfall deficiency at least within 20-30% range, if not more. Our current rainfall deficiency stands at over 45% and the month of June may end with 50% plus deficiency. If JAMSTEC is right, then July-Sept may fare no better.

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It is very rare to observe "almost NO moisture" at mid-levels along W,S-W coast at this time of year ... 

2:30pm, Almost NO rain seen along W,S-W coast, except for some rain along N-central Kerala ... 
2:30pm, In fact MOST of India is having very less rain activity or NO rain..
ODD satellite image in 2nd half of June!

West coast offshore trough is weak except along S,central Karnataka coast , N Kerala coast.. and there's less sign of revival in next 3 days
Latest GFS model suggests a even bad picture!!
Almost NO revival expected along S-W,W coast even till 29-Jun !

Weather Instagram at June 23, 2014 at 01:58PM

#chennai - 1:45pm, warm with thin high cloud cover. Less rain possible if this continues. #weather

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