Saturday, September 21, 2013

5:45pm, Showers now slowly pushing into W,W-N-W suburbs of #Chennai. Heavy rain now over Poonamalle zone.
RT @yamiskr6: @weatherofindia 6: 05 pm and its raining in ambattur chennai

Heavy rain ahead for S-E,E Gujarat

Today, the low, mid level circulation seen over E Maharastra,S Chatisgarh and S,S-E Madhyapradesh..

The associated upper level circulation is over S-E maharastra, N-W Andhra, N-E Karnataka.

In next 12hrs the upper level circulation is expected to push into N-W maharastra and S-E Gujarat

Latest satellite IR at 4pm, shows the upper circulation has moved N-W from morning position...

The low level circulation is expected to weaken over S,S-e madhyapradesh and may drift E-N-E on Monday.

During next 48hrs, Heavy rain expected S,S-W,W Madhyapradesh, N,N-W maharastra, S-E,E,central Gujarat.
Rain also expected over E Maharastra, S,S-E Rajasthan and N-W Madhyapradesh during next 48hrs.
Less scattered rain for entire S-W coast of India
4:50pm, #Chennai - T showers seen over W-N-W from city at around 40 to 80Km.. Less movement seen in this system.

4pm, Heavy rain over N,N-W,central Maharastra, W,S-W Madhyapradesh, S-E Rajasthan and pushing into E,S-E Gujarat 
4pm, Showers along Karnataka coast and kerala has reduced today. Rain also over Odisha, N-W Uttarpradesh, #Delhi..

RT @ganpatteli1: sporadic shower in south delhi (1.30pm) @weatherofindia 

#Bangalore - 4pm, "It was raining in West Bangalore", while Kundalahalli zone got a heavy drizzle.