Thursday, October 27, 2016

12:40pm, Some more convective activity seen over weak #Kyant.

GFS expects the system #Kyant to drift close to Chennai on afternoon, Friday as a LOW...

Moderate rain to start along S-coast Andhra, #Chennai from afternoon of Friday. 

Kyant undergoing shear & dry air stress. Now a depression !

5:30am, Cyclone #Kyant is almost killed by Shear and Dry air. Still drifting WSW.
Convective activity is less. A D.Depression now .. 

S,central-coast Andhra and N-coast Tamilnadu, Chennai can still have Rain on Friday.
Rain forecast for Friday & Diwali coming up around noon

#Kyant will undergo more weakening and "may" survive as a low-level circulation, LOW and reach up to S-coast Andhra, Chennai on Friday.