Thursday, May 10, 2012

HEAT wave from 12/13-May .. over most of INDIA ...
HEAT wave to start over N-W, central & E-central India from 12-May.. and will expand to S-central India from 16-May..
6:30pm,The stretch from Delhi, S.Haryana in NORTH of India to S-Central Tamilnadu in SOUTH of India is having T.showers
RT @arunraj_nayak: heavy rain here in Bangalore (5:45pm)
RT @christinedelhi: Walking round Delhi roof terrace battling strong wind, waiting for rain. (6:52pm)
RT @ambikasharma: Gale force winds in delhi I hope the rain gods favor the city today! (7:20pm)
RT @gurunath75: Heavy rain at the moment in jaipur. Let's hope it clears soon. Doesn't look good right now. (6:32pm)
RT @sarath235: At present its not raining in Jaipur !! So toss will take place in Time !! @ChennaiIPL (7:22pm)

'Monster sunspot' could bring solar flares and major disasters

A group of sunspots 11 times wider than the Earth turned to face our planet, raising the possibility of solar flares and auroras tonight. The sunspot cluster - shaped a little like the islands of Hawaii - is much larger than Earth. It measures 100,000 miles from end to end, while the diameter of the Earth is approximately 7,900 miles. The Sunspot Region 1476 became visible over the weekend and two coronal mass ejections (CMEs), where a portion of the sun's atmosphere breaks off, erupted on Tuesday. 

The CMEs blasts could arrive on Earth later today and cause moderate geomagnetic storms later and auroras in the higher latitudes, according to NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center. 

The CMEs are travelling at 1.5 million miles per hour but, since they are only partially directed at Earth, they aren't expected to affect communications satellites or other equipment susceptible to space weather. (Special filters are needed for viewing the sun directly to protect the eye, notes 

Heavy T.showers for S.Karnataka, Kerala and N-W Tamilnadu to continue beyond 16-May.
Showers for N-E Andhra to continue till 15-May.
For next 48 hrs, Heavy T.showers expected for S.karnataka, W,N,N-W,central Tamilnadu, N,central Kerala ..
RADAR shows super T.shower is now (4:30pm) crossing Kanchipuram town .. >> No chance of Rain for chennai
RT @yespushparaj: Monster rain in kanchipuram.......... (4:20pm)
Cross equatorial winds are pushing again into S,S-E.Bay ...
4pm, Lots of T.showers seen over stretch from N.Rajasthan to S.central Tamilnadu ..
Chennai - a super strong thunder shower is now 3:50pm sweeping Arakkonam zone.. west of city
On 9-May, highest maximum temperature of 44.2°C was recorded at Churu (Rajasthan) 
At 1pm, Nagpur = 43.0°C, Varanasi = 40.0°C, Tiruchi = 38.0°C
chennai - Airport is reporting 35.0°C at 1:40pm.. feels like 41.9°C
RT @rajugana: Baroda 8.50am; Clear sky, Sunny,and breezy morning. Ytday 39C, TClould in the eve, but no rain. a pic
Monsoon Watch alert ... "heat waves are missing" !