Friday, August 02, 2013

Outlook For 3rd August Saturday and 4th August Sunday

Substantial Decrease in rainfall in Gujarat and Central India and Interior Maharashtra.
As the axis moves North, Monday onwards, rainfall increases in Hills of Northern India. States with heavy rainfall will be Uttarakhand and HP. Nepal too gets heavy precipitaion from Monday.

UAC, moving Westwards from Gujarat, will bring fairly good rainfall into Sindh region of Pakistan and rest of Pakistan also gets moderate rains. Coastal Sindh will benefit also.
Some pockets of Sindh get the heavy thunder shower. Most Sindh and Balochistan cities get much needed rainfall.
Karachi, Nawabshah and Sukkur or vicinity can get a heavy shower. Can expect 25-35 mms rainfall.
Rainfall decreases from Monday .

On the Indian side, the axis remains (weak) over Central India, and the regions shown i the map get the moderate rains (Blue colour). Almost negligible rain in regions shown without shading.

Mumbai sees 3/4 showers of medium intensity in different parts, and intersparsed with sunny intervals. Saturday rainfall may be around 10 mms. Lesser rainfall wth sunny spells on Sunday. Rise in day temperatures.
Eastern outer Townships will get some sharp showers on Saturday (upto 25-30 mms). Decrease in rains and warmer Sunday
Surat will see a decrease in rains from Saturday, with days getting warmer.

Delhi NCR will be partly cloudy, with the odd shower in some parts. Days around 34c. Some marginal increase on sunday night thru Monday.
After Monday, rainfall restricted to the Hills.
Kolkata can get some passing showers, with <10 35c.="" at="" be="" but="" days="" font="" mms.="" the="" warmer="" will="">
Chennai can get thunder showers in some parts on sunday night. Strong NW winds.

Bangalore will be cool and cloudy. Light rains likely in some parts. No significant increase.

From vagaries

What's in store for next 2 days?

From early hrs of 3-Aug, HEAVY rain over Gujarat is expected to clear out.
Tomorrow morning, some showers will linger over E,W,N-W.Gujarat and over W,S-W.Madhyapradesh.

Less rain expected for Maharastra coast from tomorrow till 5-Aug .
Karnataka coast and N.Kerala to get more scattered rain during next 2 days. While S.Kerala will get rain for another 24hrs.

From tomorrow evening the monsoon axis is expected to shift to its natural position.
Another low level circulation is expected on 5-Aug along S.Odisha... 
Scattered rain expected over N.Chatisgarh, Jharkhand, S-E.Uttarpradesh and S,S-W.Bihar on 4,5-Aug.

Satellite IR at 5:30pm .. heavy rain over Gujarat

5:30pm, HEAVY rain over S,central Gujarat, central,W.Madhyapradesh and into S.Uttarpradesh ... 
5:30pm, HEAVY rain seen over S,central Pakistan ...

#Bangalore - 5:52pm, "Clear skies" over most of city !
Rajkot - 6:50pm, Temperature is 23.6 C, "raining" and Rain today = 36.2mm ... taken from 

#Chennai - 5:40pm

#Chennai - 5:44pm, light rain now over Pallavaram zone.

RT @ramki_xlri: waw.. Rains in chennai?? I'm in TNagar. I don't see any signs here.. :( yes, its dark coz of the evening. (5:37pm)

#Chennai - 4:50pm (updated at 5:25pm)

#Chennai - after a hot day, max. temp of 35.6 C... now (4:50pm) city can expect 1 or 2 low intensity showers in next 2 or 3 hrs. 

#Chennai - Pallavaram zone had some heavy drizzle at around 4:15pm.

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia Mild drizzle at Chemparapakkam (west from city) @4.00 pm >> Check location here ...

-- update at 5:25pm --

#Chennai - 5:20pm, moderate rain seen over N,N-W suburbs of city and rain approaching from W-S-W nearing Poonamalle.. 

RT @am_venkatesh: @weatherofindia slight drizzle at Nungambakkam, #Chennai ..heavy rain expected based on the cloud cover (5:28pm)

Short update on circulation over S-W.Madhyapradesh

Latest analysis show that the low level circulation is seen over W,S-W.Madhyapradesh ... 

During next 12 to 18hrs, Heavy rain for W,S-W.Madhyapradesh, N-W, entire coast Maharastra and into E,S,S-E.Gujarat.. 
Most of Gujarat is expected to get rain during next 24 to 36hrs.. HEAVY over S,S-E,S-W zones.

10:30am, Already heavy rain seen over N-W, coastal.Maharastra and S,S-E,S-W.Gujarat..