Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cold wave conditions are prevailing over most parts of  Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab where minimum temps are below normal by 4­ to 6°C
chennai - after 12-Feb, there's a chance that Night temps. may reach 20 deg C again !! and with Mild and DRY days !
chennai - Low level winds from East, South-East direction will change to more of N-E from 12-Feb.
chennai - Humidity level will be on higher side till 12-Feb. And day temp. will reach a max of 30 deg C
Spill over showers from Easterlies over Srilanka is expected over Gulf Mannar and S. Tamilnadu till 11-Feb..
North N-E states will have rain from tomorrow till 12-Feb..
Showers for Nepal, Sikkim, N.Bengal to continue for another 24hrs..
Next strong W.D will start over Kashmir on 12-Feb..
Present COLD wave over N,N-W,Central India to continue till 12-Feb before the next W.D settles in over N-W
Today, a strong circulation can be seen over N.India and an Anti-Cyclone over N-W Bay..
Showers continue over N,N-E Srilanka due to easterlies ...
Today, W.D activity is strong over Uttarakand, Nepal, and approaching Sikkim, N.Bengal ...
chennai - had a mild morning 22.9°C (6:26am) and had a warm mid-morning.. and temp. going down now 4:27pm, 27.9°C
RT @rajugana: Baroda 10.50am, Clear skies, breezy and biting cold in the morning, drop in temp. Yest 27-14C.
Mumbai  24c at 1 pm today and 35% Humidity...N winds at 15 kmph

Will the Great River Rhine freeze over this month?

The Rhine is the longest river within Germany and is known for its beauty, with medieval castles and lovely wine villages along its banks. The river begins in Switzerland. Passing through the city of Basel, it forms the border between Germany and France, flows into Germany and the Netherlands and ends in the North Sea.

When rivers freeze, water turns dark, swirls thick; moves slow before hardening into ice. Though some rivers tend to freeze over easily, some do not. It all depends on the kinetic energy (KE) of the moving water. The higher its (KE), the more unlikely it freezes. The Rhine is one such river.

Nashed, Poster Boy of Global Warming, ousted as President of Maldives. What's his legacy?

If Al Gore and Rajendra Pachauri are the high priests of global warming religion, Mohammed Nashed was undoubtedly  its poster boy.

In a way, the phenomena of Nashed come across as a whiff of fresh air in the governance history of Maldives. There is no getting away from the fact that he brought back democracy to Maldives. Nashed was jailed in all for six years after being arrested 27 times while agitating for democracy. He remains the country's first and only democratically elected President. He additionally preserved the country's culture of liberal brand of Islam.

But governing Maldives was not easy. Nasheed's predecessor, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who ruled as a dictator for more than 30 years, may have been defeated at the polls, but his chosen people continue to control all other institutions of the country whether the judiciary, police; army etc who collectively continued to put hurdles to his governance. This task was made worse when a small section of Islamist fundamentalists made him the object of their ire because of his liberal outlook. He played right into their hands when he took to undemocratic steps to curb his opponents. The ouster of Nashed from this perspective remains a blot to democracy. But make no mistake. Nashed will be back in the chair of Presidency, maybe sooner than later.