Monday, January 19, 2015

RT @yogstwits: Feels like kerala...good rain with thunder and Ajman (11pm)
>> W.D effect 
For South India...
On 22-Jan, Thursday, a moderate easterlies is expected to reach Tamilnadu coast.
Moderate scattered rain expected for Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai on Friday, Saturday ... 

#Chennai - to have COLD morning (19/20 C) on Tuesday, Wednesday.
22 C morning and a cloudy day on 22-Jan.
Chance of rain on Friday morning !

The first strong W.D system as upper,mid-level trough is expected to reach W,N-W,N,N-central India in next 24hrs.. 
At present, the W.D LOW is seen over South Iran and its mid,upper-level trough seen South upto 20/19N over Oman.. 

After nearing Indian W,N-W borders, the upper,mid-level trough is expected to weaken on 22-Jan.. 
On 21-Jan, the low-level trough of W.D is expected to be from Ncentral Pakistan and dipping South to 19N over N-N-E Arabian sea. 
On 22-Jan the low-level circulation of W.D is expected  to push into N-W,N-central India ... 

Evening of 20-Jan...
Cloudy with light rain expected over W,W-ghats,N-W Maharastra, N-W Karnataka.
From afternoon of 20-Jan... It'll be cloudy over N,N-W Gujarat, W,N,central Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal and Kashmir.
Morning, 21-Jan...
moderate to heavy rain for N-W,W,S Gujarat, W,S Punjab and N Rajasthan.
Snow/rain over Kashmir... 

Due to W.D, on 21st night into 22-Jan..
Heavy, scattered rain for Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab.
Over S,E Gujarat, S,S-E Rajasthan, N,W MP.
On 22-Jan, HEAVY scattered downpours expected for W,N,central Madhyapradesh and into Delhi, W Uttarpradesh.. 

*** Alert ***
Starting from Tuesday night, heavy rain or snow expected for Kashmir and Himachal.
Expected to last till Friday night !

On Saturday, the mid-level trough of weakened W.D is expected to persist from N Pakistan to 20N over N-E Arabian sea. 
This mid-level trough can pop another low-level circulation over Gujarat and then push N-E.