Monday, October 08, 2012

5pm, Heavy T.showers seen over S,S-central.Bengal, N.Orissa, N-W.Karnataka, W.ghats of Kerala, N,central,S.Tamilnadu .. 
RT @aryap: Where's our daily evening quota of rains today? #mumbai #rain (5:36pm) >> This may be the end of Rain for #Mumbai !
Offshore trough along Maharastra coast has vanished ... and it's matter of time that the showers will also vanish ..

Low level circulation along Orissa coast, N-W.Bay persists and expected to weaken in next 24hrs along coast itself ..

 Circulation along S-W.Maharastra has weakened today and will vanish in another 24hrs ..

IMD-WRF model predicts that the Orissa coast circulation will weaken and drift S-W along Andhra coast till 11-Oct..

In next 12hrs, a circulation is expected to emerge into E.Bay ...

Upcoming E.Bay circulation is expected to travel North into Bay and reach S,S-E.Bangladesh coast on 12-Oct..

IMD-GFS predicts that present circulation along Orissa will weaken in 12hrs and then merge with upcoming E.Bay circulation on 10-Oct.

Today, the UAC can be seen over N-E.Andhra ...

N-E.Andhra UAC is expected to drift South and persist along S.Andhra coast till 10/11-Oct... 
Today, circulation near Orissa coast is expected to persist & drift near, but it's not expected to push into Orissa ...

For next 24hrs, Showers expected along Orissa coast, most of Tamilnadu, S.Karnataka and W,S-W.Maharastra ...

The last of the rain over W,S-W.Maharastra, and N-W,coastal Karnataka can be witnessed till 10-Oct and not beyond that. 

Showers over W,N,central,S.Tamilnadu & some parts of Kerala will start & persist from today till 12-Oct..

Showers also expected to continue over Orissa & N-E.Andhra from today till 12-Oct..!
Today Conditions are good for T.showers over S.Karnataka, N,N-W,W upto South Tamilnadu from noon till early morning.. 
On 7-Oct, highest  maximum temperature  of 39.3°C has been recorded at Churu (Rajasthan)
#Mumbai - " This October rain makes record " ...