Wednesday, July 04, 2012

RT @rajugana:  Baroda 10.00pm, After the eve downpour, sky is fully overcast and it's drizzling now.. Wet and Loud Singing of Frogs around!

RT @siddheshj: Sad reality of Mumbai after 1 day of rain  @ Teachers Colony 
#chennai - short sharp shower (or) drizzles possible for West,S-W suburbs of city in another 30 min
#chennai - 5:12pm, Cloud formations getting heavy from W-S-W.. while the low level sea breeze from E-S-E continues.

4pm, Fresh showers seen over E,central Madhyapradesh, Bihar, Jharkand, S.Gujarat, S.Haryana..

Very Less rains seen over Goa, Karnataka coast and kerala today..

Bangalore 4 pm

Clear and sunny sky. Cool and pleasant weather.
Vertical velocity over N.Karnataka,N.Maharastra coast, S.Andhra & N.Tamilnadu is high.. T.showers possible..

Vertical velocity along #chennai is also high.. T.showers possible after 4pm..
#chennai - 3:23pm, having a cloud cover, Good sea breeze at low levels from S-E

RT @stuff2india: I liked a @YouTube video rain short mumbai today

@ashitc >> Yes, Monsoon will be strong along N.Maharastra & S,S-W.Gujarat for next 24hrs and weaken slightly again. E.India will be Active!
@ravishankkar >> We are working on a Re-designed website and an Android APP for "Indian Weather Man". Thank u for ur interest.

@ravishankkar >> Release of re-designed website will be around last week of July and Android APP will be on 15-August-2012
12:30pm, Showers clearing off along S,S-W.Gujarat, N.Maharastra coast, and Fresh rains over Bengal, Jharkand & Bihar..

Today, Monsoon current is nearing S,S-W Gujarat and it'll reach in another 12 hrs..

#chennai - is having a CLEAR day so far 1:40pm, With strong winds from WEST and records  37.0°C at 1:10pm.

Strong W,S-W winds forecast for coastal Andhra, N.Tamilnadu & #chennai from today till 7-Jul

#Delhi - records 41 deg C at 1:30pm
For 24hrs, Heavy rain forecast for Maharastra coast, S,S-W Gujarat, Madhyapradesh & entire E.India, Himalyan foot hills

Very heavy rains forecast for Himalayan foot hills from UP, Bihar, Sikkim, N.Bengal and Arunachal pradesh till 8-Jul..

Rain will get reduced along entire S-W coast from today evening till 7-Jul and pickup again along Goa & Karnataka coast.

Latest forecasts reveal that Monsoon may not reach W.Uttarpradesh & Delhi by 6/7-Jul.. Bad News !! 1 or 2 showers possible.

Monsoon showers will reach upto N.Madhyapradesh, central Uttarpradesh by today and it's not expected to push beyond that !

HEavy & Widespread rains forecast for E.UP, central,E.Madhyapradesh, Bihar, N.Chatisgarh and Jharkand forn next 3 days..

By today evening Showers will reach Lucknow & Allahabad !
RT @akwaghmare: @weatherofindia #Pune is still parched. I haven't seen continuous rain for even 2 hours straight here. We need #rain.

RT @nc13gunner: Weird weather dez days @ kerala. Yesterday was full of rain bt today is a sunny day so far. 
RT @emkay456: @weatherofindia Sun has broken out in South Mumbai (12:45pm)

The offshore trough along S-W coast persists and has deepened .. it'll deepen even more and persist till 8-Jul..

Analysis show that Monsoon current is very active over central,N.Arabian sea and reaching Karnataka & Maharastra coast.

Today, UAC can be seen over N.Karnataka & S.Maharastra, and another over N-N-E.Arabian sea..

Yesterday's UAC along W-central Bay has vanished ..

Today, medium level circulation can be seen along N.maharastra coast & S.Gujarat... and another over Bengal & Jhakand..

The medium level circulation along N.Maharastra coast will move N-N-W and vanish over N.Arabian sea along S-W.Gujarat..

Today's circulation over Jharkand,Bengal will move W-N-W into Uttarpradesh and will prevail over central UP till 8-Jul. 
A weather website specially dedicated to #Mumbai .. 
On 3-Jul, highest maximum temperature of 48°C was recorded at Churu (Rajasthan).

RT @shilpabansal: @weatherofindia Heavy rains in Mumbai, good for water table level. (9:48pm, 3-Jul)

RT @aash_tvm: yesterday nite was calm..!! without any rain at #trivandrum city... @weatherofindia (6:03am)

RT @chirag_roshan: @weatherofindia It's Continiously Raining From Last Night Here City Mehsana North Gujarat, #monsoon Is Here!! (7:28am)

RT @sarakumar1: @weatherofindia where r u bro. Pouring in Mumbai. I miss u r tweet. Come come (9:49am)

RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.00am,Atlast it rained; Widespread Heavy downpour last night with thunder & lightning.

RT @abhi_qa: Raining heavy in #mulund    #rain  #mumbai #train (12:41pm)