Saturday, January 07, 2012

chennai - Today again records a mild low temp. of 23.3 C (6:43am) .. It's expected to reduce by 1 deg from tonight or tomorrow !!
A cold wave expected over N,N-W and central India from Monday.. Fall in minimum temperatures by 4 to ­6 C expected !!
On 6-Jan, Minimum temperatures fell by 2 to ­4 C over many parts of west Rajasthan and saurashtra and Kutch
Another strong easterlies to enter into S-E Bay on 12-Jan...
Present scattered showers over Orissa, Chatisgarh to continue till 12-Jan..
Some showers are expected over S. Tamilnadu due to easterlies from 8-Jan to 11-Jan..
Present W.D has slowly moved S-E and it'll continue over N,N-W India till 9-Jan..
Today, W.D related circulation is over Punjab, a strong Anti-cyclone over N.Bay and Easterlies has reached E.Srilanka.
W.D is in full swing over Kashmir, N.Punjab, Himachal and now Uttarakand and into Nepal as well ..