Friday, October 19, 2012

Chennai Rains Decreasing from next Tuesday (23rd), and Mumbai stuffy and hot weather coming this weekend ..Delhi getting cooler !

An UAC, descending down to 925 hpa levels has formed near North Sri Lanka at around 10N, and extended clouding associated with the system is more in the Northern quadrant due to strong "incoming" NE winds from the Bay. 
System will move West, roughly along the 10N line, as the trough (axis) runs along this line, and may sustain as a Low. The high pressure in the Arabian Sea prevents the system from deepening or pushing Northwards.
As the Low moves West, rainfall will be heavy on the weekend in interior TN, S.I. Karnataka and Kerala. Madurai region will get heavy precipitation this weekend.
Bangalore,overcast with intermittent rains on Saturday.

The direct effect of the low, may decrease along East coast after Tuesday 23rd. Chennai can see a decrease in rains from Wednesday,24th. ..

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#chennai - sharp showers continue over Pallavaram zone, and now 4pm it's almost non-stop.
On 25/26-Oct, S-E corner Bay is expected to pop a strong circulation ...   >> This may become the 1st Cyclone of Season
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Today, N-E monsoon winds has picked up strength ALL along Tamilnadu coast ...

N-E monsoon is expected to be strong along Tamilnadu (interior & coast) till 21/22-Oct...

Yesterday's S-W.Bay circulation has now reached mouth of Gulf Mannar and now extends as an UAC ..

In next 24hrs, the present circulation is expected to strengthen and move into S-E.Arabian sea.. 
#chennai - Upper level winds for from East and this'll bring in more waves of Sharp shower thru the day, evening & into night.
During next 2 or 3 days, some showers are expected to pop over Karnataka, S,S-W.Maharastra, central.Andhra and central,N.Kerala as well.
W.D will start affecting Kashmir & Punjab from today and scattered showers expected ..

Today's W.D is expected to last till 21/22-Oct .. over Kashmir, Punjab & N.Himachal.
Today at 5:30am, the circulation is along S.Srilanka coast ...

During the next 12hrs the circulation is expected to touch S.tip Tamilnadu and move into S-E.Arabian sea..

Very heavy rain forecast by COLA for S.Tamilnadu and S.extreme Kerala in next 24hrs..

Intensity of Showers along coastal Tamilnadu is expected to reduce from Sunday... but sharp showers will continue..!
On 24-Oct, NOGAPS predicts a strong circulation to pop over S,S-W.Bay ... 
More heavy rain coming up towards evening & night for central,N.Tamilnadu coast ..

From evening till evening, 20-Oct, Very heavy rain forecast for S.Tamilnadu & S.Kerala & W.ghats of Kerala,Tamilnadu .. 
11:30am, Heavy monsoon showers All along Tamilnadu coast & slowly penetrating into interior Tamilnadu ..

Going by latest satellite pic. the circulation seems to have entered into mouth of Gulf Mannar ..
#chennai - sharp showers now 12:31pm over Pallavaram zone.
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