Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Easterlies continue to affect E,S-E Srilanka ... a mini circulation is seen over S-S-E Bay just above 5N.

On 25-Dec, Christmas day, this circulation is expected to become strong over South bay above 5th parallel.. 
GFS expects this system to become Depression / Cyclone and drift N-W upto central Tamilnadu coast on 28/29-Dec.. 
A mid,upper-level W.D trough travelling East over North India can make the upcoming cyclone to drift N-E on 29-Dec 

NAVGEM suggests, that circulation will pop along S-E srilanka coast, move N-W and cross central Tamilnadu on 27-Dec 

Remember In 2011, Cyclone Thane also started as a circulation on 25-Dec and tracked N-W then W to hit central TN... 

Meanwhile, next 2 days - partly cloudy, dry days and cold morning expected for N,central Tamilnadu and cloudy, warm day for S,S-E Tamilnadu.
Chennai - Morning temp expected to be around 20/21 C for next 2/3 mornings.
Day will be around 28 C, more DRY and partly cloudy.