Friday, December 25, 2009

South-East Bay might host a LOW pressure or Depression on 1-Jan-2010 .. ... ODD??
Rainfall on 24-Dec-09:: Rameshwaram (Ramanathapuram dt) 4, Pamban 2 and Minicoy 1 cm.
Latest analysis shows:: low level circulation over Lakshadweep & Maldives ..
The present Arabian sea system is keeping the easterly wave still active along south & central Tamilnadu coast and over Srilanka.
Arabian sea system is giving heavy showers for Maldives and into Lakshadweep seas ..
South-east Arabian sea is very active.. this is rare at this point of time..
Strong northwesterly winds prevail over Indo-Gangetic plains of India.
Lowest minimum temperature of 0.6 C was recorded at Sarsawa (West Uttar Pradesh).
Evening of 25-Dec:: Min temperature was between 5-10 C over parts of East Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
Evening of 25-Dec:: Minimum temperatures are below 5 C over parts of Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan and Uttarakhand
Chennai - Have seen the last of North-East-2009 showers... No more showers expected after this day 25-Dec-09
GFS models predict that Easterlies over Bay will totally clear off in another 72 hrs.
GFS still predicts that present Arabian sea system and westerlies will bring showers for Goa coast around 28,29-Dec ... Low pressure over Maldives still persists.. this is keeping the Easterlies still active over Bay.
Easterlies is still active along Eastern srilanka ..
Chennai - These Low cloud formation around afternoon will soon vanish in coming days as the Easterlies totally die out.
Chennai - Going to be a partly cloudy mid-morning and into afternoon with some Low cloud formation.
Chennai - A cold Christmas morning 22.9°C (6:28am) compared to past 4 days.