Thursday, September 15, 2011

RT @fabwrite: It's so windy here in Mandaveli, a coconut just fell from the tree tweetsfrombed @weatherofindia chennai 11:27pm
Chennai - heavy rain has started over polichalur, pammal zone 11:16pm
Chennai - heavy thunder storm now 11:10pm almost over tambaram zone
chennai - Entire west and S-W horizon is having Huge Thunder cells and Heavy showers are now 9:30pm nearing Arakkonam zone and moving East.
RT @mrrenji: Heavy heavy rain. . kerala 6:08pm
5:30pm, Massive showers over N,N.central India, Entire Maharastra, Chatisgarh, Orissa and Coastal Karnataka ..
2011 - Monsoon's rainfall topper is Amboli (Maharastra) with 7184 mm Rainfall and NOT Cherrapunji ...
Top private weather sites in India ...
chennai - almost ZERO cloud formation over chennai so far .. 5:57pm . A Bright Evening now!
chennai - 4:25pm, Bright skies, less cloud formations and strong low level sea breeze. Today as well a good chance of T.shower possible.
chennai - Today so far 2:06pm is HOT and HUMID ... 35.3 C (2:06pm). And having a Dark blue skies with some scattered High clouds
Calcutta Cyclone of the 5-Oct-1864 ... EBook...
COLA suggests that the present N-N-W Bay UAC will move slightly into Bihar and E. Uttarpradesh and will linger there till 21-Sep
Today, the N,N-W Bay circulation has moved inland into S. Bengal ...

Top private weather sites in India

Of late there are many interesting weather sites put out by individuals, with lots of information which even IMD officials dont have knowledge. The some sites i have compiled are as follows

1. Kea Weather Station (Chennai' first automated weather station) and

Total Site Visits - 9,62,904

Its a website coupled with blog, must visit for all weather lovers, i can put it in other words "its a blog that never sleeps" and has its own character and we are all one big family. Even a lay man can learn things if he just sees the blog daily. So many experts are available in the site. Personally i wake up in this site and the same way it will be my last site i see before i go to sleep. Its going to have 10 lakhs visitor soon. Hope, Ehsan Ahmed (owner of the site) throws us a party.

2. Indian Weatherman

Total Site Visits - 2,33,210

Its a blog owned by Rakesh, who has strategist by making most of the weather bloggers in India as authors in his blog including him. The blog is always active with new posts. The blog has national perspective and its

3. Cloud and Sunshine

Total Site Visits - 1,29,141

This blog is created by Dr R. R. Kelkar, former Director General of the India Meteorological Department, New Delhi (1998-2003). After his retirement from IMD, he had served as ISRO Chair Professor at the Department of Atmospheric and Space Sciences of the University of Pune (2004-2008).

Earlier, Prof Kelkar has been the President of the Indian Meteorological Society (1997-99) and an elected member of the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization, Geneva (1999-2003). Presently, he is a member of the Governing Council of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, and the Chairman of its Research Advisory Committee. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Space Sciences of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Prof Kelkar has written three books: ‘Satellite Meteorology’ in 2006, ‘Monsoon Prediction’ in 2008 and ‘Climate Change – A Holistic View’ in 2010. He has published more than 50 scientific papers in meteorology. He is a Fellow of the Indian Meteorological Society and a recipient of the IJMG Award and the J. Das Gupta Award.

4. vagaries of the weather

Total Site Visits - 1,00,500

Its a blog by Rajesh Kapadia concentrating on meteorology of the Indian Sub-continent and extreme world weather. His views are highly regarded and 100% accurate. Wen there is rain in Mumbai, people visit his blog for his forecast. I personally think he is the best freelance weather predictor available in India. And his blog is getting good number of visitors, it recently crossed 1 lakh mark. His views are also hired by The Business Line

5. Ring Road Weather Station

Total Site Visits -

This website by Ashok Patel is the first private automated weather station in Gujarat. His forecast are mostly towards Gujarat. He has given a ETV Interview Ashok Patel

6. Metd Weather

Total Site Visits - 40,950

Akshay Deoras is the owner of this blog, it just completed two years. A student of 11th grade. he started forecasting and chasing severe weather since June 2009. I wish him memorable time in predicting weather in his future.

7. Tamil Nadu and Chennai Weather

Total Site Visits - 11,786

Its a blog owned by me (Pradeep John). I am following rainfall from 1990 from Chennai, i used to collect the Daily weather reports rainfall stats which come in "The Hindu'" news paper. I have taken the lead now by putting weather stats to all the weather fans in India through my blog.

8. Rajan's Take: Climate Change

Total Site Visits -

Its a blog by Rajan Alexander mostly on climate change

9. Ponnachi G Son

Total Site Visits -

This blog is mostly on Meteorology, Hydrology and Tamil. Most of the article may be on that line.

10. Tanvir Weather Blog

Total Site Visits -

This site by Tanvir offers daily weather report with satellite images to the reader.