Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chennai - 11:30pm, showers have reached N,N-W suburbs of city. Rain coming up west as well!

Today's weather from around India

RT @harnish_naik: @weatherofindia yes true from night we are having heavy rain at south gujarat.still going on. (7:48am)

Today, most of Punjab got good showers except S-W and some zones in West.

Sawai Madhopur - Today, it was cloudy after early morning rain. Temp was around 33 C and Humidity around 80%.

Bangalore - Today, NO rain. 8:15pm, "cool breeze from west to east, almost clear sky, moon visible overhead "

#Mumbai - today got good steady drizzles with sharp showers then and there.

RT @idiosinghcrasy: Lol. 'Light rain' #instaweatherpro #weather #Mumbai 

During the past 2 hrs, Good showers lashed most of S.Andhra coast. 8:45pm, showers seen up to Ponneri (around 35km N from #Chennai)

#Chennai - Showers may push into city or suburbs around midnight or towards early hrs !

Satellite IR at 4pm, "Scattered rain over N,central India"

4pm, Heavy rain over N,S-E.Punjab, some places over Haryana, S,central,N,E.Rajasthan, S,central,N.Madhyapradesh ... 

4pm, Showers seen over N-W.Uttarpradesh and widespread rain over S,S-E.Gujarat coast to most of Maharastra coast ...

4pm, Heavy rain also seen over N,central Kerala as well.