Tuesday, December 04, 2007

We are back, It's humid & rain!

We are back online after 3 days.
we were at Tirunelveli for the past 3 days...It's located down south of Tamilnadu.
There also the climate was a bit humid and some drops of rain. Nights and early morning are somewhat cold.
Now coming to chennai, On sunday the North-east current has revived slightly enough to bring some showers for the city.
This is not unusual for this time of year. The rainfall records for the past 2 days are Yesterday 12.2 mm, Today till now (10:08 AM) it's 2.6mm.
December month average is 138 mm, hoping the RAIN god to attain this atleast for the good of Chennai.
Today's wind direction is good for the rain...take a look it's mostly North-North-East.

There's nothing visible on the latest satellite pic, you can view it here
November 2007 was a disaster regarding North-East monsoon, Chennai city received only 95 MM of rain against a normal of 308 MM.