Monday, May 18, 2015

More rain ahead for S Kerala, S-tip Tamilnadu. Monsoon for Andaman on 21-May

6:30pm, Showers over S-tip, S-central, N-W Tamilnadu, S-W,central Karnataka, S,S-central Kerala ... 
6:30pm, T showers over N-E Andhra, S,central Odisha ...

A good upper-level circulation seen over S-S-W Arabian sea ... and expected to drift towards Somali coast in 2 days 
The upper-level W.D trough is now seen along S-E coast over Bay near to Tamilnadu coast .. will move East in 2 days

In next 36hrs, S-S-W Arabian sea circulation is expected to persist and drift close to Somali coast.. 
In 36hrs, in N-central Bay, an upper-level circulation is expected over present WD trough and expected to move E-N-E

At low-levels, the cross equatorial winds are seen rushing into S,S-W bay due to present upper trough over Bay !
Conditions are getting right for Monsoon to launch into S,S-E Bay and S,central Andamans on 21-May.. 

Due to rush of winds from Indian ocean into S-W,S,central Bay..
Monsoon like rain to prevail for S-tip Tamilnadu, S Kerala for 24hrs.
Monsoon style rain to persist for S-tip Tamilnadu, S Kerala and S-W Srilanka for next 24hrs ... 

Before late-evening of 19-May...
More T showers for W-ghats Kerala, S,S-W Karnataka and N-W,N Tamilnadu.
In next 36hrs... T showers for N,N-central Bengal and scattered over N-E states.

Nagercoil (S-tip Tamilnadu) - After a break, from 2pm got moderate rain and drizzles. rainfall till 6:30pm was 24mm.

May 18, 2015 at 02:58PM

Dohnavur - 2:22pm, Drizzle in the hills and very strong wind in the eastern plains. #iwm