Thursday, November 29, 2012

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Gurgaon 8.55pm, Cloud formation in the eve, and it is raining now... due to W.D

#chennai - Temp. now 9:20pm is at 26 deg C and going down... Another 20 deg C morning on cards.
Showers for Entire Tamilnadu coast, #chennai is expected to start again from 2/3-Dec..!
Present W.D Rain & Snow will clear-off from Kashmir, Himachal by tomorrow morning ... 
At 11:30am, Thai met. has plotted 2 circulation over S-E and S-S-E Bay ... this may be a one system with elongation.. 

And NOGAPS analysis also plots the circulation over S-S-E Bay and bit elongated towards North-East.. 
Season's first snowfall shuts Srinagar-Leh highway 
Anti-cyclone over Maharastra at 850mb heights still persists. it's expected to move N-N-E into Madhyapradesh in 2 days 
Lucknow records 7.1 deg C, a coldest November day in 15 years... 
12pm, W.D is in full swing over most of Kashmir and it's slowly moving East... Cloudy over Punjab & Himachal.. 
#chennai - Today morning records a low temp. of 20.8 Deg C... 2 or more cold mornings ahead!
As of 5:30am today, the Circulation over S-E Bay has drifted slightly to West and having a N-S 

COLA now expects this elongated circulation will move towards Tamilnadu and reach by 2/3-Dec ... 

COLA even expects a follow-up or secondary circulation to pop over S-S-E Bay around 2/3-Dec, and this is also expected to move West. !

But NOGAPS continues to predict a D.Depression to form over S-Central Bay on 1-Dec and track West towards Tamilnadu..