Friday, June 01, 2012

This Arabian sea circulation is expected to move E-N-E towards Goa in next 2/3 days.. by that time the monsoon will reach coast.
ALL models suggest that the existing circulation over W-Central Arabian sea to become strong over Central Arabian sea
chennai - having a mild evening .. 33.0°C at 6:40pm and with mild breeze from South.
@emkay456 >> IMD date is 5-Jun for Monsoon over Kerala but going by latest of various models it seems it'll reach by 4-Jun
chennai - records 39.0°C at 2:10pm... strong winds from West is keeping temp. below 40 C
From 4-Jun, Heavy moisture & Strong winds from West will reach Kerala coast .. this'll signal the onset of Monsoon..
Today, Monsoon moisture has almost reached Kerala coast .. but the wind direction is not good ..
Today as well the weak circulation over N.Bay persists and expected to vanish in another 24hrs..
Latest COLA model suggests that Monsoon may reach Maharastra coast & Mumbai on 7-Jun ..
Monsoon showers are expected to reach Kerala & Karnataka coast on or after 4-Jun ..
COLA predicts strong Monsoon current to reach Kerala & Karnataka coast after 4-Jun ..
COLA models have now dropped the intensification of W-Central Arabian sea system..
Monsoon to hit Kerala on 5 June: IMD...