Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016 at 09:46PM

Chennai - 6:15pm, sunshine towards sunset after another cloudy day. #weather

from Instagram
#Chennai - Another night of moderate rain expected. Build-up seen over W,SW near Vellore. Today rain expected to move in from WNW after 12am
#Chennai - IWM Polichalur AWS rainfall during past 3 days...
17th = 9.6 mm
18th = 5.7 mm
19th = 7.5 mm

Latest analysis show a weak low,mid-level circulation along N Andhra, S Odisha ...
But at 500hpa(upper-level) a weak circulation seen near #Chennai coast and S Andhra coast !..
A weak upper-level circulation also seen along central coast Karnataka .. which will whip-up HEAVY rain along coast for next 36hrs !

Monsoon axis is seen along #Delhi , Kanpur and Patna.
W-coast Offshore trough seen from central-coast Maharastra to S coast Karnataka !

5:30pm, Heavy rain over E-central,E India.. especially Bihar, Jharkhand, N Bengal ...
5:30pm, Showers seen along Karnataka coast, N Kerala !

By Friday evening, a LOW is expected along central coast Andhra with a mid-level circulation near S-coast Andhra ..
GFS expects this LOW, circulation to drift W-N-W into central,S Andhra on 23,24-Jul !

Monsoon axis is expected to be present in same location during next 2 days... bringing HEAVY rain for Himalayan foot hills, Bihar, N Bengal.. .. and heavy widespread rain also for N,central zones of NE states of India.
Like today, HEAVY widespread rain also expected over Jharkhand, E Madhyapradesh, N,central Chatisgarh during next 2 days !

Due to upcoming circulation along Central coast Andhra... HEAVY rain expected over E Maharastra, S Chatisgarh, Telangana, N Andhra.
Scattered heavy rain will persist for 2 days ALL along Maharastra coast, #Mumbai , #Goa, Karnataka coast, N Kerala ...

DRY run for W,SW,central #Gujarat is to continue !
Light/moderate scattered rain for SW,S zones during next 3 days ...