Friday, January 07, 2011

RT @kuwaitprincess: rain disrupting Chennai Open match btw Wawrinka and Haas
Chennai - Drizzles reported from some parts of chennai now 11:20pm.
Cold Hits Maharashtra on 6-Jan-2011 ...
6:30pm, the present Cloudy conditions over S, S-W Bay will slowly die after 10-Jan... after the UAC dies out on 9-Jan..
Present feeble western disturbance is causing some snow or rain over N, N-W Kashmir ...
Another weak western disturbance will affect N-W Kashmir from 12-Jan.
COLD India .. Bikaner  (A/P)  -2.9,  Rewa  -1.2,  Pachmarhi  -0.9, Umaria -0.2, Bikaner 0.0, Dhaulpur &  Mandla 0.3 Deg C each
Severe cold wave  conditions are prevailing over M.P, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and interior Orissa ..
From 11-Jan the S, S-W Bay will have NO easterly wind... instead wind will be from North .. NO rain from 10-Jan for Tamilnadu and Srilanka.
The present S-W Bay UAC will die in that zone on or before 10-Jan.
UAC over S-W bay still persists... now along E. Srilanka...
1998 remains hottest year in recorded history ...
1998 remains hottest year in recorded history ...
Cold Hits Maharashtra
Overnight sharp drop in night temperatures, by as much as 7/8c in some cities.
Prominent Readings of Minimum on Friday Morning: Ahamadnagar: 1.7c, Pune 5.3c, Nagpur/Akola: 5.7c Aurangabad: 6.9c.
Mumbai S'Cruz: 13.6c.