Thursday, November 08, 2012

7:30pm, Showers seen over Gulf Mannar, S,S-E Tamilnadu, Isolated rain also seen over N.Kerala, W,N-W.Karnataka .. 
From tonight the night temp. will fall over most of N.India, N-E Rajasthan, N,central Madhyapradesh & N-W Uttarpradesh.

From 10-Nov, the night temp. will slowly go down over N,N-W Uttarpradesh, even over Bihar,N.Bengal and entire N-W India 
Guatemala earthquake kills dozens in mountain villages.. 
During next 2 days, isolated rain for Kerala, coastal Karnataka is forecast. While scattered showers for S,S-E Tamilnadu.
NOGAPS suggests showers for Tamilnadu coast & #chennai on Diwali day, 13-Nov.. But COLA models suggest NO rain for that day.
Fresh Low level circulation seen over S-E Bay .. near W.of Sumatra ..

Both IMD & NOGAPS model suggest that the circulation will consolidate & move W-N-W towards S-E Srilanka in next 4 days.

NOGAPS suggests that the circulation will reach E,S-E Srilanka by 13-Nov..

Heavy & widespread Monsoon showers are expected to be back all along Tamilnadu coast & #chennai from 11/12-Nov..

@sarakumar1 @devarya >> Monsoon showers for #chennai is expected to be back from 11/12-Nov.. but still some models doesn't support this !
3pm, Showers again over S,S-E Tamilnadu.. and Isolated rain seen over central,N-W Karnataka ... 
COLD N.India on night of 7-Nov.. lowest minimum temperature of 8.6°C  has been recorded at Amritsar (Punjab).

RT @rshivaag: Yesterday night heavy rain in tuticorin. Now drizzling. @weatherofindia 6:41am