Sunday, January 10, 2016

DRY and mild days, cold nights to prevail over S,central,N Peninsula on 11,12-Jan.
Dry winds from N India will push up to S Tamilnadu !

Day time Surface winds along S-coast Andhra, Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai at times will be around 10 to 15 kmph...

Night temps ALL along W-ghats from NW Maharastra to W Tamilnadu is expected to experience a drop by 2/3 C on 12-Jan ..
From morning, 12-Jan, temperature is expected to rise by 1 C along central,coast Tamilnadu, #Chennai and S-coast Andhra.

#Chennai, the day temps will hover around 30/31 C and Night temp will be around 20 C on 11,12-Jan.
Expected to rise by 1/2 C on 13-Jan.
#Chennai , IWM Polichalur - 11:46pm, is 23.1 C... expecting another 20 C morning !

Another WD nearing N,NW India

Today again day temp was above 33 / 34 C all along SW coast of India.
Honavar 36.1 C
Kozhikode 35.5 C
Goa 34.8 C
Mumbai 33.8 C

10-Jan morning, Many stations in peninsula recorded below 20 C temperature except over Kerala, S,coast Tamilnadu..

Today morning,  Najibabad (west Uttar Pradesh) records 4 C, the lowest temp in plains of India.

For N,NW,N-central India, the day & night temps are expected to be low or below normal on 11-Jan ..

An upper-level WD trough is approaching N,NW India, now along 50E.
Expected to reach on 11th night / Tuesday morning ..
This WD will again make N,NW,N-central India cloudy with scattered rains.
And the day & night temps will jump above normal on 12,13-Jan.

The upcoming WD will drop a low-level circulation over N,NW,central Rajasthan on 12-Jan and will drift ENE..
GFS expects only scattered light rain for W,central,NE Rajasthan on 12-Jan due to WD.
Snow expected for Kashmir again !

January 10, 2016 at 07:59AM

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