Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Our prayers are with people of Japan" - Indian Weatherman Team
Chennai - Afternoon sky was having a Deep Blue tint... signs of New weather front moving in. Most of the time wind was from N-E
Chennai - had a warm morning 24.8 C (6:22am) due to the moisture push from Bay... Day was HOT till 1pm... 33.2 C (12:12pm)
But some moisture will linger over Srilanka, S. Tamilnadu and S. Kerala to cause some afternoon thunder showers.
From tomorrow :: The moisture for S-W Bay UAC will be dragged away into E. Bay by strong upper air current from S-W.
Next W.D for Kashmir expected after 17-Mar.
8:30pm, Heavy rain over S,S-W Srilanka and isolated thunder shower over S.Kerala ...
Today also the UAC over S-W Bay persisted ... and will persist till 16-Mar...
RT @akshaydeoras: Update from AKG blog
The earthquake in Japan territory emitted 3,75 x 10E24 J of energy,..
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