Saturday, August 31, 2013

5pm, Heavy rain over W-Ghats of Kerala

Shahdol - 5:28pm, After morning overcast weather, rest of the day was mostly sunny and now some cumulonimbus cloud development over W,W-S-W

5pm, HEAVY rain over W-Ghats of Kerala, S,N-central,N-E Andhra and Uttarakhand, N-E Uttarpradesh ... 

HEAVY rain ahead for N-E states.

Today, a weak low level circulation is seen over Bihar, N,central Bengal ... expected to vanish in next 24hrs.. 

From tonight a low level trough is expected to be from N Bihar to N Odisha ... Good rain expected for N-E states till 5-Sep.
Tomorrow, the low level trough can be expected from N Bihar to Odisha to Andhra coast and upto N Tamilnadu, and expected to drift East.

Today, the low,mid level circulation is seen over mouth of Gulf Mannar and Comorin Sea ... 
In next 36hrs, the Comorin sea circulation is expected to drift West and vanish over S-E Arabian sea ... 
For 2 days, due to the Comorin sea circulation, N-S trough from Bihar, Scattered rain expected for S,S-central Karnataka, S,central Andhra.
And scattered T Showers for W-Ghats,S,central Kerala, S,W,N,N-W Tamilnadu till 2-Sep.

Due to N-S trough from Bihar, scattered rain expected for Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bengal from tomorrow.
On 1,2,3-Sep, Heavy rain expected for most of Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and particularly heavy for N,central N-E States 
As the N-S trough moves East, Heavy rain also expected for most of Bangladesh from 2-Sep.
Heavy rain for most of Odisha, Jharkhand, Chatisgarh and parts of S,central Bengal on 2,3-Sep.

@adorable_riti >> #Kolkata - can get showers on 3,4,5,6-Sep.
Talavadi - "after a prolonged dry period of 3 months Talavadi in Erode dist of N-W Tamilnadu recieved 18 mm last night "

#HOT #Chennai and T.showers over S.Andhra

#HOT #Chennai - 4pm, Temperature around 33 C (feels like 40.6 C). Less cloud formations seen.

4:10pm, HEAVY T. showers seen over S Andhra... at around 100 to 150km N,N-W from #Chennai.

Bangalore rain from early hours

Bangalore - 9:30am, it's raining from at around 4am. More reports, pics, forecast coming up.

RT @karaikudy: Good Morning World! from a Drizling #Bangalore #Malleswaram! Looks like been raining all night! Morning walk a miss!! 6:40am

RT @AxPn: overnight steady rains, continuing now with heavy downpour at 8am- South Bangalore @weatherofindia 8:29am

~~ 2pm update ~~

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 2.00pm, Overcast sky and sharp showers in the morning.. a pic...Now it is sunny and warm.