Thursday, June 26, 2014

4:30pm, lots of T showers seen over East, E-central India and light showers over central,N-E Andhra ... 
4:30pm, More heavy rain over S,central zones of N-E #India ...

#Chennai - 5:15pm, mini showers seen over W-N-W.N-W from city at around 40 to 100km.

Weather Instagram at June 26, 2014 at 01:15PM

#chennai - 1pm, another super hot summer day. Remember this is June end. #weather

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Another N Bay circulation ... more rain ahead for E,S-E,N-E India

A low,mid,upper level circulation is seen over N Bay ... Upper circulation is slightly tilted to S,S-W ... 

10:30am, The N Bay circulation has created lots of convective activity over N,N-W Bay .. 
10:30am, Rest of India is clear, especially the W,S-W coast of India is again having a DRY day ...

GFS expects the circulation to push N-W into S Bengal, N-E Odisha coast in another 24hrs and persist there for 2 days! 
The upper-level circulation is expected to drift into Odisha coast on 27-Jun ... 

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs ::

During next 12hrs,
Moderate / Heavy scattered rain for S,central Bengal, Jharkhand and over most of Odisha ... 
During next 12hrs,
Some T showers will pop over N-E Andhra and into S Chatisgarh.
Isolated over S Karnataka, S,central Andhra, N Tamilnadu.

On 27-Jun, more widespread rain ahead for S,central Bengal, Jharkhand and heavy over Odisha... 
On 27-Jun, scattered T showers expected over S,S-E Karnataka, S,central,N-E Andhra, N,N-E,N-central Tamilnadu.
Scattered T showers will also push into S Chatisgarh on 27-Jun !
#Chennai - can expect a T shower on tomorrow evening !
Today there's a 15% chance of rain for S-W,W suburbs !

N-E states of India will continue to get scattered Heavy rain during next 2 days !!

The writing is on the wall. India faces drought, degree of severity remaining the only question

June accounts for only 18% of the rainfall during the South West Monsoon (SWM) while July-August together accounts for a whopping 62%. The IMD’s revised forecast earlier this month predicted a 7% rainfall deficiency for the season and accordingly they are betting that July-August could see favourable rainfall that avoids a drought situation in the country.  So is a revival possible as IMD is hoping for?

25 june 2014 heavy Pre Monsoon Rain in Punjab